Train Your Dog To Stop Excessive Barking

Train Your Dog To Stop Excessive Barking

By Michael Russell

A dog’s way of communicating is with their bark. This is perfectly normal behavior. Excessive or loud, unwanted barking is not appropriate and can be annoying to you as well as others. There are all kinds of reason why a dog barks. He may be alarming you that something is on or near his area. It could be cats, squirrels or even your neighbors. They don’t like their space to be invaded. They could be trying to tell you they want attention and feel frustrated. Maybe they are just having fun. The list goes on and on for reasons your dog barks. You wouldn’t want to train your dog to stop barking completely but they can to be taught to control unnecessary barking. It will increase your dog’s ability to communicate with you if they learn to bark at the proper time. They need to know how to act if there is a real problem. It takes patience to stop unwanted barking. Remember that different types of dogs bark more than others.

Making sure your dog gets enough exercise is one way to start getting his barking under control. Lack of exercise will cause poor conduct, including nuisance barking. Walking around your yard is not enough. They should have brisk exercise every day. Mental stimulation is also very important. When dogs are in training they actively are figuring out problems. They are learning obedience, listening to cues and putting them into action. If they are bored, they will bark more. Stimulation will curve the boredom and the barking.

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