Train Your Cat to Let You Sleep

The answer to your nighttime prayers is here — Jackson Galaxy is explaining exactly what you have to do to ensure a good night’s sleep, no matter what your c…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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29 Responses

  1. Animal Planet
    | Reply

    Thank you, Jackson! We’re finally catching some shut eye!

  2. Nannerchan
    | Reply

    Ignore him? You haven’t met Lord Goosington (Mr. Goose.)

  3. beardman Smith
    | Reply

    I’m looking for a cat who’s not very active and will chill out with me all
    the time, any solutions?

  4. HakulBee S
    | Reply

    i’ve used compressed air to stop my cats from continuously meowing outside
    my door when im trying to sleep. they have always been jumpy at just the
    sound of it. and now i am not disturbed when i go to sleep. I love my cats
    just not when they are keeping me up lol

  5. MilesLover03
    | Reply

    what if they bite really bad all the time

  6. Animalist
    | Reply

    Does your cat keep you awake at night? +Jackson Galaxy has the solution!

  7. Lottie
    | Reply

    I already do all this with my cats, except the 3 meals a day, my work hours
    don’t allow it. They get 2.

  8. Misaki Uesugi
    | Reply

    My cat gets fed in the morning, in the evening and then some wet food right
    before bed. If she is really hungry, we might give her some extras, but
    when she gets the wet food in the night time, she knows it is bed time! 🙂
    I learned this from My cat from hell and we started the routine when we
    adopted her three weeks ago. Thanks Jackson!!!

  9. WhiteKoneko
    | Reply

    I had a beautiful egyptian mau when I was a kid, she loved to cuddle and
    sleep with me at night. Never had issues of cats keeping up except with 2-3
    week old kittens. But they were still only babies, and I had to takeover as
    their mom since they were dumped in the middle of nowhere…poor guys. But
    I’m happy to say they have homes, and by now they should be full grown,
    happy kitty siblings.

  10. SoyKing
    | Reply

    With a name like Jackson Galaxy you are guaranteed to see awesome stuff.

  11. angel weatherby
    | Reply

    <--- this is storme ( profile pic)

  12. fluffysuds
    | Reply

    Love this video. You are getting so skinny, you look great! Vegan rocks!

  13. Dianaranda123
    | Reply

    Interesting, though i have been doing a variation of this with free feed,
    but when it is gone it is gone, so he has learned to ration it, and mostly
    eats together with me, 2 times a day.

  14. anqi100
    | Reply

    I feed my cat at morning, a little snack in the afternoon, and during the

  15. Debbie K
    | Reply

    Lovely! Thank you!

  16. americanlogger
    | Reply

    my cat comes to me and we go to sleep every night at around 10pm, he wakes
    up when I get u for work at 6am, we sleep all night long, never been a cat
    to keep me awake.

  17. Tallgirl83
    | Reply

    My kitten wakes me up at 6.30 it never fails. She comes into bed and lays
    right next to my head so i wake up to a paw streatching in my face lol 

  18. angel weatherby
    | Reply

    All I do is I let my cat storme go on my bed,and I close my eyes while
    stroking him and we both fall fast asleep together

  19. Erin Hughes
    | Reply

    Good advice. My kitties do the run around at night thing, but they don’t
    involve me so I never really considered it a problem. They entertain each
    other and have their little “marathon training” time after we go to bed.

  20. victoria hanshaw
    | Reply

    I suffer from chronic pain and feel sick constantly but still have play
    time when I can with my cats, even if I am sitting in my bed or on the
    couch. However, the greatest things though, in my opinion, are the self
    play toys I’ve been finding! Such as the Catit Designs Senses Play Circuit
    and I love hearing them, even in the middle of the night, rolling the ball
    around!! It makes me happy they have something to occupy themselves with
    while I am sleeping! I also seem able to when I am in the living room, I
    turn the TV off and say, “Bed time guys” and they tend to all pile in my
    bedroom (I live with multiple people but am the only one who leaves my
    bedroom door open for them)… as I am the type who loves waking up with a

    The only one I have a problem with is my Winter but he seems to never get
    enough attention or play (he also is jealous, if I give attention to other
    cats, he always butts in). What he does though is hard to ignore… he paws
    at my nose, with claws out! I am moving though soon, and will be able to
    start more routines with them, but may not still be able to engage them in
    full play like a healthier person. Though, I did also purchase one of those
    remote controlled feathers on a stick (and they love it too btw)! I plan to
    get one of the remote controlled mice, the bird you fling or can shoot with
    this gun thing, will be much easier on me and still allow them play time!

  21. wayfareangel
    | Reply

    Oh dear gods, thank you. My youngest cat has this tendency to trod on my
    face and hair, and crawl all over me to try and get me up when she knows
    it’s close to meal time. The issue is, first mean comes at 5am when my
    stepdad is up for work, but he sleeps with his door closed so she comes to
    wake me up. I think this should work. She’s very food motivated.

  22. Jackie Eco
    | Reply

    just awesome:)

  23. Noe Granado
    | Reply

    minut 3:18 it’s so cute!!!!

  24. Koukoria Senpai
    | Reply

    Jackson about how many time do you think you get clawed in a busy week with
    lots of kittys

  25. Jersey Shell
    | Reply

    As I’m watching this at 3am!!, Guess who woke me up?,lol Thanks Jackson for
    the advice, been doing some steps already that I learned from Your TV show,
    like playing to burn energy b4 bed, but I allow free eating all day. Going
    to give meal times a try, along w/ other steps. Thanks 4 sharing your
    knowledge on Cats with the World, You really help Cats & their Parent’s
    live better lives, You’re Amazing!!! 

  26. cindy chan
    | Reply

    I will stop free feeding and leaving out food. Besides my 2 cats eat a bit
    then the rest is basically old leftovers even though I just put it out 5
    mins ago! P.S would love to see your show My Cat from Hell in the U.K.

  27. Andrew Lucfr
    | Reply

    i tried the ignoring method. He will just climb up on my face and sit on it
    till i wake up. 

  28. Amanda Fagan
    | Reply

    you have lost a lot of lbs. it looks like! good job! still love the look of
    your facial hair 

  29. Weasleyis ourKing
    | Reply

    I work an evening shift and usually go straight to bed when I get home.
    Does anyone have any advice on how to try Jackson’s schedule without me
    having to stay up super late into the night?

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