Train Your Cat to Lay Down

Using treats as a lure, along with lots of patience, practice, and a hungry cat, you can teach your cat to lay down on command!

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About HART Kahuna

OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Cera Nelson says:

    I taught my cat to sit, but I lost the book after that. I hope this helps!

  2. Mitchell Stucky says:

    Your cat looks like grumpy cat!

  3. Sugar and Spice :P says:

    Solo is soooo cute! My kittens Sugar and Spice need to learn this! Your

  4. IzzyIzzyToman says:

    i love my cat she is so smart but still stubern

  5. emily feltner says:

    What I do is just when they are standing, nudge them, and get them to start
    running, and gently grab their tail. They’ll go down. Or put both hands on
    the back of their neck and rub gently and they’ll go down.

  6. Austin Carle says:

    Nicholas Chambers- I have a MaineCoon too!

  7. Nicholas Chambers says:

    you cat is adorable how heavy is it…my cat is a manecoon so he is about
    20 pounds

  8. Neon CandyPanda says:

    My cat is really stupid!!!!!!!!!

  9. IzzyIzzyToman says:

    i love my cat she is so smart but she is stubborn

  10. I try today to make my kitty lay down and she did the same mistake……
    She always put her elbow up and sometimes she would scratch me! How many
    days it will took me to teach her? Thanks 🙂

  11. Steven Lee says:

    i cant belive this worked!! tanks dude !

  12. xXEliteArcherXx says:

    I cant teach my cat to sit because he swipes my hand then only lets go when
    i let go of the treat… Anyways to stop this behaviour?

  13. @MissRiceLuver3 Try holding her butt down as you put the treat to the
    floor, or gently push on top of her shoulders. When she lays down for you
    gush and kiss and pet her and feed the treat, she will know she did
    something right! Then eventually give less and less guidance and she should
    start laying down without you having to touch her body.

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