Train ANY Dog How To Play Fetch PERFECTLY

How to train your dog to fetch! This video is sponsored by BarkBox! Get a free BarkBox when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription at

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17 Responses

  1. aurelei
    | Reply

    hey, could you do a video on how to teach a dog something with the “do as i do” method?

  2. Gary T
    | Reply

    You should try this with my daughters Staffy. He will chase the ball and bring it back but try getting him to drop the ball or let go. He ignores treats and thinks the ball is his to destroy

  3. Heather And Tim Sharp
    | Reply

    Your videos have REALY helped me train my dog. Do you address backi g off on treats? There must be a bridge between constant treats via food motivation and a treat every now and then with basic things kinda of a given. Like not jumping on people. It should eventually be a general tjing that doesn't need a treat. Right?

  4. Crystal Landavazo
    | Reply

    What a playful, handsome boy! I love these play videos! Play is such an important part of bonding with your dog! Thank you for sharing this, Zak! I love all of your videos! Hope you guys are having a wonderful day! God bless and hugs to you and Bree and the fur babies!☺️❤️

  5. J K
    | Reply

    Great video! I have the same problem — my dog will chase toys he likes but he never brings them back. I'll have to try out some of these techniques with him 😀

  6. Tanner Fellows
    | Reply

    Do you feed dogs turkey chunks for treats

  7. Swaraj Potdar
    | Reply

    Our dog does all steps of the fetch task EXCEPT DROP.

    He holds the toy really strong and keeps growling. Never drops / let go…

    How do I get it correct ?

  8. Davis Rodriguez
    | Reply

    Thank's Zack. 💪

  9. Super Astonished
    | Reply

    We’re rich!

  10. Kimberley Magruder
    | Reply

    I'm really liking that long leash, where did you get it?

  11. Pete RS
    | Reply

    I used this guys tip to teach my puppy how to sit, then stay. She picked it up within a matter of moments. I was able to walk back the entire distance of my yard and walk back up to her to give her a reward while she says there. Things like that are just amazing to me. Today, we fetch, for Tomorrow we fetch, for tomorrow… We fetch!!!

  12. Panther plays TCGS
    | Reply

    I don't have a dog and most probably not any time soon but I find this videos entertaining and helpful for when I will get a dog

  13. khansgirl1
    | Reply

    I have a German Shephard pup and she won't even chase after a ball. Lol. She just doesn't care about any toys.

  14. DEL061
    | Reply

    Zak, HELP! Just came home (Yesterday) with a Kill Shelter from South Carolina. They believe the dog to be 10 months ton a year. (06/18) It is said be mix of Retriever and hound, 40#'s. We have never adopted a young dog before. He chews on us as well as every toy and is very energetic. The issues we are finding out (the hard way) are Potty training without a kennel and biting?. I take him out 4 to 5 times when we got him home. I stayed up with him and he made it through the night. Yet, I walked him in the morning and went to bed while the wife was getting ready for work. About 20 minutes went by and she left. I took him out again and nothing. Yet, when I came back in with him, he had done the #2 on the concrete basement slab. How do I tell him or him telling me when he has to go out so we don't have messes? The shelter said he was great with his kennel with only one mistake?

    Thanks for any advise. I am watching your videos, not sure if any fit? He is very shy…


    David, Patty and Elmer (their name, we are still searching for one)

  15. Heister Reinsch
    | Reply

    our dog is so excited about balls, almost obsessed. she jumps, barks (she barely barks) and force you to throw. she brings it back and let it go, but if you try to grab it, she immediately takes it again. is that a problem? how do we bring that excitemend down a bit?

  16. KateLynn Osborn
    | Reply

    Hey. My German Shepherd/Blue Tick Hound cross is aggressive toward other dogs…..Is this even something I can fix? If so, HOW?!

  17. Alexandra S
    | Reply

    How would I go about training my beagle to chase something when I throw it?

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