Traditional e-Collars vs. Inflatable e-Collars

There is a new option for pets who have sustained a recent injury or undergone surgery! Traditionally, these dogs and cats are forced to wear a large, clunky e-collar, also known as an Elizabethan collar or “cone.” But now, there is an alternative that’s more comfortable for the animal and it makes it easier for the pet owner too!

E-collars are used for two basic purposes. Firstly, they prevent a dog or cat from licking or biting at a wound site or incision. This serves to keep stitches in place, it lowers the chance of infection and it speeds healing (particularly in the latter stages of healing, when the healing skin becomes itchy! Without the cone, the pet may scratch and bite until the wound or incision is re-opened!) The other purpose: e-collars serve to prevent the pet from pawing or scratching at a facial wound or injury.

There are several problems associated with traditional e-collars. Firstly, they’re large and awkward. Climbing stairs can be difficult, as the cone gets hung up on the steps as the animal tries to walk up the stairs. “Cones” also get hung up on doorways, they can gouge the paint on molding or walls and they can damage wallpaper.

It’s also difficult for the cat or dog to eat and drink while wearing an e-collar. Often, the pet cannot lower his head sufficiently to reach the bowl, as the edge of the cone hits the floor, thereby preventing the animal from lowering his mouth to the bowl. You must prop-up the bowl using books or another small item that will fit inside the cone. This can result in a mess if the pet knocks the food or water bowl onto the floor.

The interior of the cone can also get messy from food, water and drool. Additionally, if there is an incision on the pet’s head, the discharge may drip onto the inner edge of the cone.

Cones are also uncomfortable for sleeping, since the pet’s face must rest against the hard plastic. And if your dog or cat sleeps in your bed, it can be uncomfortable for you too!

Cats tend to be very sulky when wearing an e-collar. It makes it very difficult to jump and their peripheral vision is severely impeded. This impeded vision can also lead to aggression in some pets.

The inflatable e-collar solves all of these problems and they’re suitable for most situations that require a traditional “cone”. Traditional cones are still ideal for pets with an incision or injury on their face, as the inflatable e-collar does not protect the facial region from pawing or scratching. Paw injuries may also require a traditional “cone” style e-collar. But inflatables are usually ideal for most other situations involving a wound or incision site on the torso or legs.

The inflatable e-collar looks like a doughnut and it fits around the pet’s neck like a collar. This limits the dog’s or cat’s ability to lick or bite at the injury site. It does not impede their ability to eat or move around. And their visual field remains normal.

Inflatable e-collars are made of a durable material that resists punctures. And they come with a vel-cro closure, for a perfect fit.

So next time your pet requires a “cone,” consider an inflatable e-collar instead!

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