Toy Poodle, About the Breed

Toy Poodle, About the Breed

By Agust Hauksson

A toy poodle is a type of dog, one that is small, lively and that will become part of the family when welcomed into your home. The toy poodle is one that can be black, white or brown, and true toy poodles are not going to be multi colored or mixed breeds. The hair on the toy poodle is one that is curly, very curly and often times shaved over the body to keep the hair from becoming messy. This is a dog that has long and floppy ears, sometimes they look a little too long for the small head that this dog has. Many toy poodles are bred for show, and with the right help can win all types of awards and prizes for their owners.

The toy poodle is one that is known for being smart, and intelligent. They are highly responsive to their owners, listening to commands, and listening to demands. The toy poodle that is neglected will seek out love and companionship of another dog, another person, or another person with more authority in the home. Giving this type of dog a lot of attention and interaction with children while they are puppies will help groom the dog for a family life that will be happy and social with the entire family.

The toy poodle that you don’t take a lot of time to train when it is a puppy will bark more often. The toy poodle that is trained only to bark at strangers will do well when you have company and when you are in the house and someone comes to the door. The puppy given interaction with children will learn not to bark or bite children and will play along with the ball, play fetch, and go for nice long walks.

The toy poodle does get its name for being such a small looking almost fake looking dog. The dog will grow to be about ten inches high and will weight no more than ten pounds. For a dog, that is small. For a dog, that grows to be just about ten inches high, it is important for it to be groomed well, and to keep its hair cut, because mud, puddles, and rain can cause knots and mess in the hair if not properly cared for.

The toy poodle is one that can be found bred to be pure or mixed with other types of dogs and even other types of poodles. The curly hair of the poodle can be long when it is mixed with a longhaired dog, just as it can grow to be taller if it is bred with a dog that is a little taller than the small poodle known as the toy poodle.

If you are searching for a pure bred poodle, look for papers that will come from the American kennel club that will give you the full history and ancestry of the puppy you are about to purchase.

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