Toy Dogs Are Not a Toy

Toy Dogs Are Not a Toy

By Alisa Chagnon

“Toy dogs” have become quite popular in the recent years. One of the main reasons of this type of dog having gained so much popularity is the rise in ownership from famous celebrities. In just speaking of the wonderful Pomeranian, the list of famous Pom owners is quite impressive. Sharon Osbourne, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Hilary Duff, Sandra Bullock and Jessica Alba are just a few. The famous people who own Pomeranians do all have one thing in common besides their pets. They are looked upon as role models for quite a large population of teenagers and adults alike. It is for that reason that one must take a realistic approach to owning a Pomeranian as opposed to only referencing what is shown to us through the media.

In looking at the overwhelming bombardment of images that the media provides to us, these celebrities are often shown with their famous pets. The majority of these pictures and film clips show one very poignant fact. The celebrities are holding their Pomeranians. They are holding these dogs as if the are accessories. The Pomeranians are being held as if they are pocketbooks or an expensive fashion accessory to their outfits. Pomeranian toy dogs are not a toy. What is shown in the media is very misleading as to the proper care that a Pomeranian needs to be a healthy pet.

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