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#10 –

Regular ear care for your dog Routine ear care is very important to the health of your dog. Perform regular checks and cleaning between visits to your veterinarian, it will help keep your dog’s ears healthy and pain free. This is extremely important to do.

#9 –

What in the world is a puggle? One fine day a pug was off gallivanting around when he came across a spirited little beagle, their eyes met and well…. the rest is history!

#8 –

Many people would love to own a pet dog, but are wary of the potential mess that shed dog hair can cause in their homes. These people want a dog that doesn’t shed to be their companion. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a dog that doesn’t shed at all. All dogs will shed and replace at least some of their hair, just like people do. There are some breeds that shed far less than others, however, and selecting one of these breeds can keep the shedding mess to a minimum.

#7 –

The Alaskan Malamute is dignified, friendly and affectionate. Alaskan Malamutes are not one-man dogs and are friendly to all. They are intelligent and able to be trained for a variety of jobs, such as guide dogs. Alaskan Malamute’s make very loyal and devoted companions, but can be aggressive towards other dogs

#6 –

I guess you like seeing pictures of my Papillon dogs Maxxie and Sophie! 🙂 Please feel free to visit their own website at

#5 –

The American Bulldog is confident, gentle, fearless, determined and protective. American Bulldogs should not be overly aggressive with other dogs depsite their self-confidence and bravery. These dogs genuinely love children and have strong protective instincts towards their handler and family. To prevent American Bulldogs from becoming overly protective or dominant they need to be socialized with a variety of animals, people and situations during puppyhood.

#4 –

Active, gentle, easy-going, bold and intelligent. Labrador Retrievers are very popular household pets as they are people-orientated and extremely devoted to their family. They get on well with children, strangers and other dogs. Their intelligence makes them very trainable and obedient.

#3 –

They’re called “crossbreeds”, “hybrids”, and sometimes simply “mutts”, but offspring of mixed canine heritage have the best qualities of their purebred parents—but are healthier and more robust.

#2 –

I am assuming this is from reader’s bookmarks and coming to scan down the page to see what’s new here!


#1 –

Yes. I’ve been getting spammed by people in China that has been uploading garbage files, NON-Pet related pictures and surprisingly, fan pictures of famous chinese Teen pop stars …

Just so you know – if the uploaded picture filename is longer than 10 characters and I can’t read it and pronounce it, I will be deleting your uploaded picture. If you think this is in error, drop me a line to let me know that you have uploaded us a graphic, and give us the filenames!

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Happy New Year everybody, and all the best in 2006

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