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Well .. for the past few weeks .. I have been trying to organize my archives into something useful. When it is finished, I will post the URL and all that when it is ready.

In the meantime, I have this referral script for this blog .. .. that I enabled to log all referrals for the last 365 days last August 2006. What these pages do are showing the popularity of pages referred to by either search engines or other pages.

But, for real stats .. my URCHIN reports on my server shows it all .. since I’ve started blogging May 31, 2005.


Based on the following two tools for me to figure out what the most popular posts have been in this blog .. (which is important to me, as I have over 2400 posts now!) .. I have combined the most popular links of both tools and combined them into one easy list of posts for your perusal. It is not a one-time page of top linked or popular posts .. because periodically I will be adding more favorites each month and manually selecting the posts that I find appealing as a pet owner myself, and proud to have in this blog – even if it wasn’t too popular.

The link to this new page is … .. and is below the archives listing in the sidebar.


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