Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kittens

There are certain facts about kittens that will shock you in today’s top 10 list. Everyone loves kittens, but does everyone know about their quirks and special traits. In this video we count down the top 10 things you don’t about kittens. Kittens have a unique journey to adulthood so stick around and find out!

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10. Natural Instinct – 0:09
Kittens are born with the natural instinct to chase catch and eat other animals. Humans on the other hand are taught to eat animals and have no desire to as a child. If you put a baby rabbit and an apple beside a human baby, the child will eat the apple(or try to) and pet the rabbit but if you replace the human baby with a kitten the exact opposite will happen.

9. Eye Color – 0:31
All kittens are born with blue eyes, their eyes will change color to their permanent color when they are around 6 – 7 weeks old. Kittens eye color is genetically related to the color of their coat. So if you think the brown kitten will probably have brown eyes or the white kitten will have blue eyes they you are probably right!

8. Purring – 0:50
Kittens start to purr between 2 days and one-week old. The mother cat purrs as soon as kittens are born as a way for them to find their way to her. Scientists still don’t know exactly how cats purr, but it is known that purring evokes a feeling of being content and happy like a human smiling. A cat in pain cat do a different lower tone purr to signal something is wrong. As a kitten gets older it’ll purr in two to three resonant notes.

7. Pulse – 1:13
A kitten’s pulse is 240 beats per minute but slows down to 160 beats per minute as they get older.

6. Fluffy Fur – 1:23
Kittens fur is more fluffy when they are young. As kittens grow up their fur will become more matte, this is even the case for “fluffy” cats. They will be just less “fully”.

5. Feral or Not? – 1:33
Kittens will most likely be feral if not around humans by 8 weeks old. A kitten’s personality and comfort is highly dependent on their surroundings of the first 8 weeks of life, feral cats can learn to trust humans but usually it is only a select 1 or 2 humans and not all humans.

4. Kneading – 1:51
Kittens knead their mother cat to stimulate milk production. Adult cats tend to do this usually on very soft surfaces as well, although it is not completely understood why, it is believed this is just to invoke the feeling of security that the cat once had as a kitten with his or her mother.

3. Born Blind – 2:07
Kittens are born blind with their eyes shut. They use just their sense of smell along with the vibration of the purring mother to find a nipple to drink from. Only at 1 – 2 weeks old do a kitten’s eyes open for the first time. The eyes open over 2-3 days starting with the inner corner working outwards.

2. Personality – 2:25
Many of a kitten’s traits and personality quirks they’ll have as an adult are very present even right as they are born. Often kittens that are especially winy and loud right at birth are so as an adult.

1. Training – 2:37
The best time to train a kitten is between 4 – 8 weeks old. This time in a kitten’s life is when they develop the bulk of their learned traits and personality. Kittens are born with a general list of things they like and do such as having loud voice, being adventurous or scaredy cat, always climbing things, biting etc but you can actually train a cat to fit your life just as you want if you do so when they are very young. Whether you want your kitten to sleep on the bed as an adult, play hide and seek, train tricks, train not to bite cords and cables or climb on the counter top this is all best trained at 4-8 weeks when they are most impressionable, afterwards most cats become stubborn to their ways and wish to learn nothing more.

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    Um I knew all of these things..

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    My cat is black and white and part simese so her eyes are half blue in the middle but on the outer half edge yellow (she is like 4 months now we got her at 6wks)

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    My friends cat got pregnant twice and she’s still under a year old 😐

    And I think nearly everyone knows that kittens are born blind

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    I didn't realize how fast their hearts beat until one of my kittens went to sleep on the side of my head (odd!). His chest right against my ear- sounded more like vibration than pulse!

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    One last thing you didnt know its that they are fucking useless
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    Kittens knead blackets and soft areas because that is marking their territory

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    Wow, there was actually facts that I didn't know here. 😯 😧 That means this video is awesome!! 😀 I maybe knew half of the facts. I have (or my mom mostly did) taken care of more than 5 feral cats, both kittens and adults. Two brother cats we have (Tippen and Sotis), one was adventurous and the other one was very calm, mostly just sleeping in their bed; now they have switched personalities: Now the adventurous kitten is a lazy/calm softy and the one that was calm is now adventurous/CRAZY xD

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