Toilet Training your cat Intro – Tutorial #1

How to teach your cat to use the human toilet. (Indoor cats ONLY) If you’re thinking about toilet training your cat, this first video will answer all of your…

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38 Responses

  1. YoloMcSwaggins
    | Reply

    At the end, you said that you should put a type of anti-slip tape on your
    seat, as painful as that may sound when you go for a dump! XD

    Anyway, I have a flat bamboo toilet seat for hygiene reasons. Would this be
    okay without using anti-slip tapes?

  2. Ashley TheGingerGirl
    | Reply

    Hi there, I have a general question before I try this again (My girlfriend
    and I have tried training our cat Calvin twice, with some success). Calvin
    is very picky and requires two litter boxes, one for 1 and one for 2
    typically. Sometimes he’ll go 2 in one box and run directly to the other
    box to tinkle. This created problems when we were trying to toilet train
    him. Here’s kinda how it went:

    The first time we tried, he was about 6 months old. We followed similar
    steps (though not directly from your videos) and got to the point where he
    was using the toilet regularly to go 2, and sometimes to tinkle. We found
    out after a few weeks, that he had chosen a place on the carpeted stairs to
    tinkle instead, and had gone there so often that the carpet backing was
    rotting away. Thus, we gave up and moved him back to the litter box.
    However, he continued to urinate on the carpet at times. We moved to having
    two littler boxes. One in the bathroom near his toilet, the other near the
    stairs where he was urinating. We found that if we didn’t clean both boxes
    out at least twice a day, he would venture to the stairs. We now have an
    extra tall baby gate up to deter him from the stairs (he’s managed to jump
    over it a couple times, and a couple times more he knocked it down in the
    process. It think that scared him, and he hasn’t tried to jump it again
    [that we know of] for a couple months now.)

    Let me add that while I hate it, Calvin stays in his bathroom while we are
    not home, and while we sleep. He has all of his necessities in there and
    doesn’t seem to mind it. The stress of coming home everyday or coming
    downstairs in the morning to sopping carpet almost led us to get rid of
    him, so keeping him in his bathroom has been our only alternative. I’d
    really like to let him have free reign of the house again, but I’m nervous
    that he’ll find other areas of carpet to start tinkling on.

    We tried again to train him on the toilet, but found that he would hold it
    during the day, and then use the litter box by the stairs when we got home.
    We knew this wasn’t healthy and gave up those efforts almost immediately.

    Do you have ANY advice before we start this process again?

  3. babelmania2
    | Reply

    Hi, just need some help on why a cat would pee indiscriminately and not use
    its litter. We’d thought perhaps it was UTI but even after the doc gave him
    the all-clear, he was back at it again. He especially does it when either
    me or my sis are away from home, as if out of anger or spite at being left
    at home in the apt. He’s now 3 but when he was younger he didnt have such
    an issue so frequently. 

  4. phylliefarmer
    | Reply

    Dear Catmantoo, Thanks, these vids are great! Wanted to share for people
    starting toilet training. I started training our two cats when they were 3
    years old, using the litter quitter. Our cats were very different to train,
    although they grew up together. Both took much longer than a kitten would,
    I think, but though Munchie was going pretty reliably in about 6 months,
    Lyra took over a year, and regressed for a time when we moved, 3 years
    after she started training. I’m sure that was in part due to getting used
    to a new toilet and differently shaped toilet seat. I found the litter
    quitter to be a good product, with three inserts for a frame to put under
    your toilet seat. The first insert (red) has no hole, and you acclimate
    your cat to using it in lieu of a litter box, to get them used to jumping
    up on the toilet and going there, but without the scary toilet water. The
    second insert (amber) has a small hole, and the third (green) has a large
    hole, exposing more water. You can then eliminate the inserts altogether,
    using only the white frame, which has a tiny edge that you can sprinkle
    some flushable litter on. The only problem I had was when I moved to a
    larger hole, I found it necessary to progress more gradually than simply
    moving from one insert to the next (e.g. amber to green). I bought some
    kitchen cutting mats from the dollar store and cut out a piece that matched
    the amber insert, silicone caulked it to the green insert and used a
    scalpel to gradually cut a little bit of mat away every day. Also, any
    accidents Lyra had were cleaned up using an enzymatic urine cleaner (called
    Urine Free in Australia), so that she wouldn’t keep identifying that spot,
    by smell, as an okay-place-to-pee. To avoid accidents, I found it helpful
    to clean up any towels, clothes, blankets, jackets or whatever may have
    fallen (or discarded) onto the floor.
    Also, it was helpful to take our shoes off in a separate room and close the
    door. The reason for this, I understand from reading a lot of behavioural
    blogs, websites etc,. is that the cats will go somewhere that smells
    familiar and safe. Which means somewhere that smells like their favourite
    people. To be honest, sometimes I think they would go on our stuff because
    they were cranky at us. It helps to reduce the opportunity by picking up as
    much as possible, especially if you live with someone who has poor hamper
    I hope this is helpful and good luck to everyone; be patient and you won’t
    regret it!

  5. DMAN D
    | Reply

    we have the litter quitter and she will go with the red stage but will
    refuse to go on orange stage we have tried many times but failed our cat is

  6. sleeksheepfox
    | Reply

    I’ve been toilet training my cat for nearly two months now. In the
    beginning, she was phenomenal. No accidents until the very last stage. I
    had to go from the last training ring (I use citikitty) back to a litter
    box a couple times when I brought her to my parents’ house. I kept her on
    the last ring stage for another week and took it away completely to see how
    she how she would do without it. Within two days after that, she’s pooped
    on a rug that was bunched up, so I went back to the ring and it’s been
    another week now. Just today, she’s pooped on my bathroom mat that was also
    bunched up. Yet, the last time she pooped she did it in the toilet and
    knows how to pee in it just fine! Please help me, I don’t know what’s going

  7. saturn96
    | Reply

    One of my cats learned how to use the toilet from sneaking into the
    bathroom and watching other people. No training at all haha

  8. Angelica Makepeace
    | Reply

    Awesome, I wish I would have seen this when my cats were kittens! 

  9. Alan Guo
    | Reply

    what if your cat is unwilling to poop/pee in the toilet if there’s already
    poop/pee in there?? I won’t be there to flush every goddamn time. and as a
    result, they take their vengeance on the floor. 

  10. Lori Fisher
    | Reply

    Hi Catmantoo,
    Your tutorials were very helpful in training my two cats to use the toilet.
    Thanks very much. I have a question. Both cats have been trained for 6
    months now. One is happy using the toilet. My other more head strong cat
    pees on my clothing and bed if she gets in a mood. Any suggestion on how I
    can get her to like using the toilet more?

  11. MinecraftAimee
    | Reply

    I guess I can’t teach my cat now, she’s 15…

  12. thegolfingmachine
    | Reply

    The only thing I find it hard to do.. is to tell my friend about your
    channel.. haha.. coz is too good.. ….Just joking…Posted your on my
    Facebook and plus

  13. Catalina C.
    | Reply

    Where can I find the tub bowl plastic container that will fit my toilet
    like that? That looks very promising

  14. Justin Sane
    | Reply
  15. Ymani Vassjoiner
    | Reply


  16. Daniel Scholtus
    | Reply
  17. bashar321
    | Reply


  18. Vessela Karloukovska
    | Reply

    Dear Catmantoo,
    Ibegan toilet-training my 2 cats 8 weeks ago. We’re ar at the stage of the
    bowl in the toilet. One is very receptive – she sits on the toilet seat &
    doesn’t even try to bury her excrements. The other one is simply stepping
    into the bowl. The space seems small for her & also the litter barely
    covers the bottom so she must find it unsatisfactory. Finally this morning,
    I discovered 2 large poos on the carpet. I had advanced to the stage with
    the platform but she just went outside so I went a step back. How can I
    balance the training between her more advanced sister & her? Help please!

  19. April Chipman
    | Reply

    Catmantoo – Do you share a toilet with your cat? During training and after?
    Or does your cat have his own toilet? Also, do you have a problem with your
    cat not going to the bathroom when traveling since there isn’t always a
    toilet available?

  20. Ha Ha
    | Reply

    My cat is so funny. He doesnt drink his own water, instead he gods to the
    toilet and drink the water in the toilet! XD

  21. Vinnie B
    | Reply

    Need Suggestions. At 10 months training Sparta goes number 1 without any
    encouragement, but I have to make sure that every 2 days I monitor him for
    #2. I will take him in the bathroom several times to go and he will. But
    some days I don’t get the timing right and he will go on the floor. If I
    place him on the toilet I’ve gone 30 days with no accidents, but he has
    never gone #2 by himself. If he’s not monitored he will #2 on the floor.

  22. PrincesPotty1
    | Reply

    Do you find it’s easier to toilet train females or males easier?

    | Reply

    I don’t know what the litter kwitter instructs therefore I can’t tell you
    how to avoid any problems. I can say that you’re toilet training a cat,
    that’s already difficult no matter what system you use. I just know what I
    tell people in these videos and I know it works on the cats that I’ve
    taught, I hope it works on all cats but not every cat or owner is the same.

    | Reply

    Hello, any cat older than 10 weeks. Yes, I recommend following my training

    | Reply

    I’ve lost the location of the video, but will keep looking and post as soon
    as I find it. Sorry

    | Reply

    Cool info for my followers. thanks, I’ll put the info in one of the steps
    in the “things you should know” section.

  27. Vinnie B
    | Reply

    For a flat toilet seat I have unscrewed the white $5 wooden toilet seat
    that I purchased at Walmart and flipped it upside down and screwed it into
    the other side. I used a pair of vise grips to pull out the plastic pieces
    that were on the underside. Hopefully my cats wont be too upset when I
    finally buy a new toilet seat after they have been trained.

  28. Vinnie B
    | Reply

    I got rid of water bowl in bottom of toilet. One cat was like “cool” and
    pooped/peed in the water while the other cat peed on the floor. So I was
    going back to the previous stage and had to flush the toilet and duct taped
    back over the hole as one cat refuses to use flushable litter and I put the
    bowl back in the toilet. One cat still wouldn’t use the toilet and was
    about to go back 2 stages Then I read about using cat nip in the litter.
    Low and behold the cat started digging frantically 🙂

  29. Lin Deng
    | Reply

    I want to purchase the Litter Kwitter, until I read some negative reviews
    that their cats, who originally was well litter trained, became confused
    and started urinating outside the litter boxes and toilets, on sofas and
    carpets etc. They all stated to have watched the DVDs given to them and
    have followed the instructions. Now it resulted in keeping the cat outside
    to urinate… What can I do to avoid this?

    | Reply

    If your cat likes to eat, they are never too old to learn

  31. Vinnie B
    | Reply

    I was gradually moving the water bowl to the center of basin and every
    time I got to close to center Sparta would go on strike and not use the
    toilet. I found going to the next stage of the water bowl in the bottom of
    the toilet worked as the bowl is not in the center and there is room for
    him lean down with both front paws and dig and then come up and sit down on
    the seat to pee. Although I can’t stop him from pooping on bathroom floor,
    but better there than somewhere else in the house.

    | Reply

    months? exactly how long in weeks? Go back a step or two, stay there longer
    before continuing to the next step. Try to observe her,and redirect her
    back to the toilet, encourage her to use it.

  33. 696skalselenzo696
    | Reply

    My cats are 9 months old. Is it too late to train them?

    | Reply

    Usually you have to go through the last step (or two) in a few different
    toilets, although your cat may figure it out. let us know

  35. Derek John Clark
    | Reply

    How soon can I start training my cat? I recently adopted a cat. I’m going
    to get my original cat in few months from another state he wasn’t ready
    with shots/vaccine to move with me. I would like to get one cat trained at
    a time. Is it much more difficult to toilet train two cats at same time at
    same toilet?

  36. Vinnie B
    | Reply

    Flat Toilet Seats – Found both normal and elongated seats that are around
    $40 and have 3D images of the American eagle, a wolf, dolphin, a ying yang
    and much more. When I went to check out my shopping cart at the website
    there was a problem, so I typed in the name of the picture, the word 3d and
    found it on ebay for a lesser price. The website is glaxitz . com and just
    click on Products. Another website for standard toilet seat is:
    whateverworks . com and type in toilet seat in search.

    | Reply

    It’s much flatter on that side, good idea.

    | Reply

    If you can take that short cut, then go for it, especially since you can
    place your cat up there 5-6 times per day to encourage them to use
    it.Always recognize when you’re going to fast for the cat and go back to
    the point where there are no problems. Having a cat use other toilets they
    were not trained on can be done but the main problem are the different
    toilet seat surfaces and sizes. They’re not flat like the one she is used
    to..So I needed to place her up several times before she used it.

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