Tips on Selecting A Good Obedience Class For You And Your Dog

Tips on Selecting A Good Obedience Class For You And Your Dog

By Johannes Nefischer

A training class or obedience school is a place where you, the owner, are being coached by an experienced instructor on how to train your dog. This is a great way to educate your loyal buddy. Not only will you and your dog learn useful things together, but you also get an opportunity to spend non-interrupted quality time together that will tighten your connection. This is also a good place for your dog to be able to hang out with other dogs.

The objective of the class is for you to know the methods and techniques on how to train your dog. A basic training class typically deals with your main interests and concerns such as coming when being called, sitting and standing on command, and not pulling the leash.

When you take your dog to a training school, do not expect the coach or instructor to train your dog. His or her job is to explain and show you what to do. The instructor will first demonstrate the procedure and then have you try it a few times to make sure that you understand how it’s done and are able to do it correctly. You are then expected to practice it on your own with your dog for at least five times a week.

When you and your dog enroll at a training school, it is necessary and often expected that you attend every session. Generally, most training is done in sequence. Once you miss a class, you may find it difficult to catch up.

Word of mouth is usually your best bet in finding a good training school. You can ask for references from family, friends, and veterinarians. If you don’t know anyone who can refer you to one, check the Internet or yellow pages under the heading “Dog training” or “Pet school.” Call the school first to find out their place and time of meeting. Most schools give you an opportunity to observe the class. This is a great way to find out if the school will be suitable for you and your dog. When observing a class, it is best to leave your dog at home so he does not interrupt the training.

Here are a few questions to consider while observing a class:

* What is your first impression?

* Does it have a good, positive feeling?

* Is it a nice and welcoming atmosphere?

* Observe how the instructors interact with the dogs. Is he or she nice and gentle, or does he or she generate fear and aggression?

* Observe how the instructor deals with the dog owners, especially with those who are having a hard time training their dogs. It is important to have an instructor who is patient, helpful and encouraging.

* Are the dogs enjoying themselves, or do they appear bored and anxious?

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