Tips for Making Lost Pet Posters

Use a Clear, Color Photo of Your Missing Pet on Your Posters
Use a Clear, Color Photo of Your Missing Pet on Your Posters

Lost pet posters are among the most important tools in your arsenal if you have a lost cat, dog, bird or another animal. It’s important that your poster contains all the vital information and what’s more, you should create your posters in advance, before you lose your pet!

If you have a lost pet poster on-hand and ready to go, you can start displaying them immediately — vital when dealing with a lost cat or dog. Those first 24-48 hours are vital and it’s the period when you’re most apt to find your animal. In short, you don’t want to waste time in front of the computer, at the office supply store or at the copy and print center. You need to be out and about, searching for your pet and distributing posters!

The following items should be included on your poster:

  • Large text with the words “Lost Cat” (or whatever your pet’s species) at the top of the page
  • A color photo that shows the pet’s face and, ideally, the entire body. This will be attention-getting and people are more apt to notice and recognize your pet if they’ve seen him/her before on the poster.
  • Basic info on the pet including breed, approximate weight, color and temperament (temperament is most important if your pet is shy, afraid of men or whatnot.)
  • Your address and phone number.
  • Use large text to mention a reward (if you’re offering a reward). This can be a major motivator!

The text at the top — the text that says “Lost Dog” (or “Lost Cat” or “Lost Bird”) must be clearly visible and fairly easy to read from a distance of 25 feet. The letters should be bold and approximately 2-3 inches tall.

Once you’ve created your poster, you should print approximately 250 copies. Place 200 copies in plastic page protector sleeves (these will protect the posters from rain). I know 200 sounds like lot, but that’s the minimum number you’ll need if you’re to effectively poster a 1-mile area around your home.

When you’re putting the posters inside the sleeves, slide the top of the poster in first, so the opening is at the bottom. This way, the rain won’t run down and into the sleeve.

Leave about 50 copies of your lost pet poster without plastic sleeves; these will be handed out to neighbors, given to veterinary clinics and so forth.

Store the posters in an easily-accessible location. They will need to be accessible at a moment’s notice.

Though I recommend printing up and preparing at least 250 posters per pet, you should, at minimum, create a poster for each pet. Print up a few “master” copies of each and keep them on-hand in an easily accessible location. Also, keep a digital copy of the lost poster on your computer; email it to yourself so it can be accessed from anywhere.

If you ever need the posters, you can ask a friend or family member to print them, using the digital file or the master copy. This is faster than creating a poster after your pet has gone missing.

For more tips and advice, read ‘What to do if You Lose Your Pet.”

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