Thirteen Cute Ferret Tricks!

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Amazing ferret tricks performed by the cutest ferrets! They are taught using clicker training and learn really quickly. They love training and get really excited when we do a training session. I am using mostly raw turkey as their treat but sometimes mince beef, cooked chicken or ferret oil. They come in to play every day and I often do some training with them when they’ve finished playing.

All the ferrets in the video originally came from a ferret rescue centre.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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18 Responses

  1. Charlotte Martin
    | Reply

    Cute hoping to bye a ferret soon

  2. Michael Switzer
    | Reply

    How can they tell them apart they are all wight lol

  3. Faith & Action
    | Reply

    The stand up & walk & hop tricks are the best!

  4. Akiko Melody
    | Reply

    How much to clickers usually cost?

  5. Stephanie Lastname
    | Reply

    my ferrets do all those thing's don't need to teach them

  6. CrazyChloVlogs
    | Reply

    My five are no where near as amazing as yours!!! I love them

  7. DGC 3
    | Reply

    Hi this is so cute ❤️ just wondering what food you feed your ferrets and how much a day , they're a great size

  8. Lil Shorty Gaming
    | Reply

    can u make a vid on how to train them pls

  9. Esther Bonney
    | Reply

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Alia Kauper
    | Reply

    Holy cow cute

  11. Lenka The ferret
    | Reply

    amazing ! you give me some ideas for training Lenka my ferret 😀

  12. Le Jardin De Snow
    | Reply

    Great video ! It's give me some idea for my ferret Nashka 🙂

  13. isla bond
    | Reply

    You are by far my favourite channel and ferret owner! 🙂 xxx

  14. Callie Jet
    | Reply

    the bunny hop gets me everytime<3

  15. Brian Aguilar
    | Reply

    Awesome video! My daughter has a really beautiful ferret and works with her constantly but we are struggling with potty training. Do you have any advice you could pass along to us? Thank you for your time!

  16. NanaBorderCollie
    | Reply

    LOVE this! So much ferret cuteness! 🙂 Ram's "superman" trick is the most adorable thing ever (very creative, too… I'm guessing he came up with it himself?). And of course Voxel clapping his hands at the end was awesome. 😀

  17. PuNkGiRLrockNroll
    | Reply

    Amazing! my boys only know roll over and stand, they have the attention span of a spoon

  18. Spartan's Tricks
    | Reply

    That is so adorable. It made me laugh watching them all follow you around together and up the stairs, lol, that is too cute. 😀 The round of applause was a cool idea. I love the name you picked "superman balance" too, he totally looks like he should be wearing a cape or something standing up there. 😀 Great video! 🙂

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