The "u" in Humane is You: Five Things You Can Do to Help Companion Animals in Distress

By Anna G. B. Nirva

Chances are that when you look around your home, you see one or more four-legged creatures gazing patiently back at you: dogs and cats. Recent pet industry statistics show that over 63% of American homes keep pets, and that over 40% of pet-owners think of their pets as highly-valued members of the family. People of all ages, colors, religions, and political persuasions share a profound and fulfilling love for pets. This devotion lightens the dark reality of a nation and world where animal cruelty is rampant.

In America, homeless dog and cat euthanasias number between four to six million dogs and cats every year, according to estimates made by the Humane Society of the United States. (Actual numbers are not collected.) Rescue organizations in major cities such as St. Louis report as many as 50,000 homeless dogs and cats roam within their boundaries, many sick and starving. Uncontrolled breeding is the root cause of these shocking truths. Knowledge of the vast problem can feel overwhelming to an animal-lover.

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