The Tarp & The Stud Colt

The Tarp & The Stud Colt

By Nancy Nellis

I have been staying busy playing with my new foal that was born April 25, 2005. I have been teaching him how to lead, walk on a tarp, yield to pressure, all that fun stuff.

I have to tell you this story about the tarp. The tarp blew into his pasture, and he was just beside himself. He would get within about 10 feet of it, and then snort, and run. After watching him do this for about 5 minutes, I decided now was the time to play with him on the tarp. So, I haltered him and led him around the tarp, used the approach and retreat method with me holding the tarp and I would let him sniff it and then take it away. After about 5 minutes of that, he was ready to take a step onto the tarp, and he did, quite gingerly at first, then jumping over it, and finally he walked across the tarp. So, we played this game for about 10 more minutes, and when I was not looking, he decided he had conquered the tarp and he peed on it. I guess that was his way of letting me know and the tarp know that he was the boss! Quite amusing to me.

Timing is everything.

Happy Trails,
Nancy Nellis

Nancy Nellis has been involved with horses all her life. Now she is putting onto paper, some of the antics of her horses that have brought happiness into her life.

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