The Symptoms of Canine Diabetes

The Symptoms of Canine Diabetes

by Rose Smith

It can take a while for us humans to suspect that we may have diabetes and go in for tests. It’s much harder for us to spot the symptoms of diabetes in dogs. The disease tends to sneak up and the symptoms will often go unnoticed until the disease has become quite advanced. Here are some things you should always watch for in your dog and take them to a vet to be tested if you suspect that your dog may have developed canine diabetes.

**Canine Diabetes Symptoms To Watch For**

Drinking a Lot of Water

Although it’s natural for your dog to be thirstier in the summer or after a bit of rambunctious exercise, excessive drinking throughout the day and that continues for several days can be a sign of diabetes. If you notice that you’re having to fill the water bowl more often, you may want to have your dog tested for canine diabetes. Other diseases may also cause an increase in thirst as well, so having a veterinarian check your pet is a good idea.

Urinating a Lot

It stands to reason, if your dog is drinking more, then they’re going to be wanting outside a lot more too. So, although you may not notice the increased water intake right away (as it can be very gradual), you’ll certainly be made aware of the increased need to urniate (think revolving door).

Your Dog May Develop “Sweet Breath”

Most of us dog owners will complain of a dog’s “bad breath”, so you’ll most likely notice if the breath takes on a “sweet” smell. This is a sign that your dog’s blood sugar levels have risen to high and need to be brought under control.


No, we’re not talking about how a dog shakes after they get wet. This is a subtle shaking/shivering that accompanies hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and is very serious. If this symptom appears, take your dog to the veterinarian immediately as it is very serious and your might require an injection of insulin.

Weakness and Tiredness

Your dog may also appear weak and very tired most days. If your normally active dog suddenly develops these symptoms over the course of a few days, have them tested for diabetes.

Loss of Weight

Normally, being overweight can bring on canine diabetes, but sometimes a dog will begin to steadily lose weight instead. Regardless of whether this is from the onset of diabetes or not, you need to get your dog to a veterinarian right away for tests to rule out any other type of serious disease.


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