The secret to take your bird out of the Cage in Minutes !

We released our latest step by step video that shows the process on how to take your bird/parrot out of its cage in the simplest yet most effective way. Seve…

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  1. IntuosPlayz says:

    Would taking (attempting) out/to a Zebra Finch be harder? He refuses to eat
    off my hand but my other finch loves to eat off it

  2. Mallika Dawer says:

    Hi, I am Mallika.
    I have 2 Cockatiels ( male and female.) I got them recently 2 days ago,
    they both are very scared even when I try to play with them or touch them.
    Could you please help me with some kind of soultion. Thanks.

  3. Christine Ledford says:

    my budgie will let me pet it on the belly but will not let me get it out of
    the cage or hold it how do i get it to let me hold it and take it out of
    the cage

  4. Yari Bazan says:

    Helppp ! I got a macaw about 4 weeks ago and he wont let me pet him.i can
    only touch his beak and if i try touching his wing he screams-.- how do i
    tame him??? And also ive been trying to get him outta the cage but he wont.
    When i offer him a treat i open the door and he goes and gets the treat but
    he wont get out. He only sticks his head out and then hurries back to his
    perch. Help?!._.

  5. My budgie just got used to my hand, as he is now eating from my hand. I
    still have yet to offer him different treats, like apples and such.
    However, he does not like my touching him AT ALL. when I touch my finger on
    his lower belly, he bites me and scurries away. How will he ever get used
    to that? If he can used to me touching him, then I can start the step-up
    process, right?

  6. Annie Niekerk says:

    I have a cockiteial and he come right out of his cage by just saying step
    up!!! No need to watch this!!

  7. Countess Wyn says:

    Yes but i cant get him to go back in his cage LOL

  8. Achar Kumar says:

    Good videos bro! Your videos motivated me to buy cockatiel birds. Hopefully
    2 a female and male. I will use all your techniques on taming them etc.
    I’ll keep you updated on how everything is working out. Appreciate it bro!
    Stay in touch. Keep up the good work!

  9. Retsila360 says:

    My conure was scared of any hands going into the cage at first because the
    breeder used to handle him by grabbing him. I managed to stop that behavior
    by regularly encouraging the bird on to my fingers and offering treats. He
    isn’t afraid anymore but he tends to bite or nibble my fingers a lot for
    some reason and sometimes it can hurt. I don’t think he’s afraid of me or
    agressive since he runs up on to my shoulder and flies to my hand. He chews
    a lot of things beside my hand as well like my ear. hair, objects in his
    cage etc. Is it just normal behavior for a 15 week old bird? Like a child
    putting things in it’s mouth?

  10. Sameen Rahman says:

    My parakeet does not like any treat I give him.

  11. I let my birds to get out by temeselves

  12. Jen Hughes says:

    Hi my budgie snow will not touch his cuddle bone…what I do get him
    interested.. So I don’t have to take him to the vet…he’s only 2 months

  13. Any recommendations on getting ta Cockatiel out of an outdoor aviary?

  14. TheMinecraftWolf says:

    my budgies refuse to go out. neither of them will go without the other. if
    i happen to get one out, the other one will actually attack me. he will
    start screeching and biting me, he doesnt have clipped wings, so can still
    fly. but they wont go out even with treats, a play gym, nothing.

  15. librarychannelify says:

    My love bird bites me when I put my hand in the cage I cant even remove the
    newspaper after he purposely spilled water he only started biting me when I
    put my hand in the cage I had to put a towel on my hand so it wont bite me
    so I can get the water out and replace

  16. TheRebel3000 says:

    What’s wrong with his face?

  17. King Kareem says:

    Well lol how do i do it to a military macaw

  18. dhiyanessh raja guru says:

    i added u on skype pls add me back
    i need to talk 2 u

  19. Lps Alina says:

    I had two bugis but the boy died

  20. Is there anyway I can contact you. My Bird is having several behavioral
    problems that I’m not sure how to deal with. Your videos haven’t covered
    them either. 

  21. Josea Lalic says:

    If your bird is untamed and cannot get the bird out of it, and i tried to
    do everything, what is the fastest way? And the easiest? 

  22. Huda Razzaq says:

    This video is great but I can’t use it just yet, there not fully tamed yet
    so could you make a video how you teach a untamed budgie to step up in a
    cage or make a video of how I could tame a flying untamed budgie outside of
    its cage 

  23. Abdul Khan says:

    Finally you made some videos there awesome 

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