The Scoop Method a.k.a. How To Pick Up Your Rat

In this video, I show a technique for picking up your rat that I call the “Scoop Method”. This method allows you to pick up your rat without inducing a stron…

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26 Responses

  1. Nina Joelsson
    | Reply

    This is sucha good thip – but it’s hard as hell when I want to pick my rat up from his cage! Because his sleeping area is at the side of the cage and the opening is at the center, you kinda need to reach in there to get him. Getting one arm is okay but two arms is gonna be hard. But I’ll try since this sounds like a really good thing to do and Very logical! I don’t want him to think that my hand is some kind of evil bird-claw or something, lol.

  2. Fozzy Bear
    | Reply

    I lift mine from above they dont mind at all.

  3. Grace Watwood
    | Reply

    Very informative. Your rats are so cute!

  4. Lindsay Mayer
    | Reply

    I did make the mistake of grabbing my three new rats from above, and they were quite scared (and these were very, very tame socialized rats) and I tried the scoop method and immediately that led them to start crawling all over me instead of trying to run away. Great results!

  5. Sokudo Ninjask
    | Reply

    My rat is extremely curious. It’s very clear that he isn’t scared of me at all. However, he doesn’t seem too interested in really interacting with me. He climbs up my arm and onto my shoulder to get out of the cage, but he doesn’t like me petting him, or picking him up (I used this method and he still wriggles and tries to jump out). This makes me nervous about letting him run around like the girls in your video, as I’m scared I won’t be able to pick him up to return him to his cage. Advice?

  6. Cindy GAO
    | Reply

    Petsmart treat animal harshly

  7. Harley Quinn
    | Reply

    Okay PLEASEE help me. I hope you still check comments on this video! Okay so my question is: Is it normal for my new Fancy Rat to try and run away when I pick it up? And she sneezes a bit. If it continues, I’ll see a vet. And I’m aware that rats will always get sick at one point, Harley is a rescue rat from Petsmart so I’m not sure if the running away is normal. But she IS brand new! i just got her today, any suggestions? plz reply A.S.A.P

  8. TurtleGirl2002
    | Reply

    This worked for my robo hamster!! It doesn’t try to jump out of my hands anymore!!!

  9. Sevenbueatifultweens
    | Reply

    My rat is named pippa too

  10. GDreptiles
    | Reply

    2/2 he is not really timid shows normal signs of a new animal in there new surronding with new people but he dosent run when we pick him up he loves to be pet and holding he is still a tad nervous but not really severely

  11. GDreptiles
    | Reply

    love this vid i currently adopted a large male rat he is pretty big i think a little bit bigger than normal large male rats and he is very sweet and i heard rats are very social animals but i dont know what his background was like if he liked or didnt like other cagemates he seems fine but i feel bad for him when we are way like at school or the store but im hesitant to do so because i feel as if he wont enjoy and he would enjoy being by himself better i dont want them to fight any tips

  12. shaqayla connor
    | Reply

    thank you so much I will start doing this to my two little girls and male!!!!! thanks again!

  13. Hedgielove1233
    | Reply

    awesome great video where did u get pippa?

  14. Hedgielove1233
    | Reply

    hey i am thinking about getting a rat ,actually three ,or four,and i was wondering if the FNthat you have would work for them by the way you are so helpful with all these videos thank you so much!!! 🙂 ps not trying to get nosey but were did you get pippa and the rest of your rats they are so sweet and very well behaved?/?

  15. vickiwhitson37
    | Reply

    So now all I do with one of my rats is put my hands in the shape of a scoop at her cage and she climbs in my hand and walks up my arm, so cool. The other one is more timid but is getting more trusting.

  16. Armani Kitty
    | Reply

    i love your batch there. they are all so adorable

  17. vickiwhitson37
    | Reply

    Her videos are very good. They r very helpful. And I hope you ro more I love watching your rats. I guarantee the reason why mine are so chill is because I have done everything she has recommended.

  18. Shirley X
    | Reply

    You ramble a lot…I just wanted to see how to pick up a rat not sit through an 8 minute video.

    | Reply

    omg no way!!! i got two rats friday my video

  20. CatAttackMeowHiss
    | Reply

    I nearly die inside whenever they scratch themselves with their foot <3

  21. Emily Buxengaard
    | Reply

    I got two rats Friday, and they’re really friendly… until it comes to picking them up. They’ll eat treats from my hand and come up the the door to greet me. But when I pick them up (even using this method, they squirm. And when I set them in the rat play room, they seem really frightened.

  22. AmyMeowCat
    | Reply

    Very good video. I have been a rattie mom for 6 years now, sad to say I never thought of this. I have a couple of skittish girls I will definitely try this with. You description was great, I could totally understand what you meant before the scoop part was shown. Thanks for sharing and making such a video. 🙂

  23. Lerato Kelly Morgan
    | Reply

    I wish I’d seen this video when I just got my rats. It’s a method I developed after weeks of having them but I’m sure it would have been nicer for them if I’d known it from the start. When I was inexperienced with my rats, my one small dumbo ear named Pluto got to the point of hyperventilating because even though he was ok around people when he was being picked up he didn’t understand that we didn’t mean harm. But over the months I’ve learnt well how to gain their trust and handle them better 🙂

  24. Jade Isabelle Williams
    | Reply

    Hi 🙂 I was wondering if you could tell me why one of my rats love coming up to my hand taking food from it and the other wont come up to my hand in the cage but will take it through the cage bars ( I heared not to do this as it encourages biting, but I felt obliged cause the other one was having something and he wasnt Lol ). xxx

  25. CheyInsanity
    | Reply

    So far I’ve watched three of your videos. And so far you’ve had a different pair of stewie pajamas every video. lol

  26. KisaRinny
    | Reply

    I love Pippa’s colouring! She’s so pretty and adorable 🙂 Love the Stewie pyjamas, too lol

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