The Right Companion: Collie

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description Finally, all of our favorite dogs – on one DVD! This indispensable “visual guidebook” is not just for prospective dog owners, but for dog lovers in general.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. djl1098
    | Reply

    @DeborahWilde Exactly right. People always ask me how much time I spend grooming. The don’t believe me when I say about 21/2 hours per week.

  2. insanoturkey
    | Reply

    collies are beautiful dogs. are they easy to train off leash?

  3. cuinte8888
    | Reply

    i want collie and i get a oitbull ;(

  4. ndrockyou123
    | Reply

    I love collies so much but none are like huskies

  5. TheDog9892
    | Reply

    How could you not love a collie?

  6. xTpux
    | Reply

    I just got a purebred collie puppy!

  7. MCBrUdArZz
    | Reply

    ugly face

  8. jinks112002
    | Reply

    Ive found these dogs to be really protective and violent at times

  9. Katriania
    | Reply

    It’s funny how everyone treats rough and smooth collies like they’re separate breeds, lol.

  10. Maciek1
    | Reply

    best dogs on the eartch

  11. FOS921
    | Reply

    @XCritonX Yea lol. I dunno thought. I think she’s in ok shape for an older lady.

  12. mbenzsl2000
    | Reply

    @cuinte8888 those are great dogs too…..make sure you socialize him well though. Its unfortunate pitbulls get such a bad rep, because some owners are negligent, and dont seem to care to properly train.

  13. therese1593
    | Reply

    Try Asian women ****

  14. 131999april
    | Reply

    hahaha my pup herds my little brother into corners P.S. its a collie

  15. bububububak
    | Reply

    @XCritonX if you’re really into dogs you’ll always find a way to keep the animal fit, but stay lazy and fat at the same time!:D

  16. paulhenrike
    | Reply

    eu tenho um cachorro desse

    | Reply

    @xTpux where did you get your puppy? thanks.

  18. tep2005
    | Reply

    Beautiful dog!

  19. resinslinger
    | Reply

    Stubborn???? What an understatement. My two sable Roughs both seem to have selective hearing at times.

  20. DiieElenaa
    | Reply

    I have a collie, too .
    and i reall love her, and other collies too .
    she ever want to do all right, shes nice too everbody, shes the best dog, for beginners also for profis! t

  21. CenturianRule
    | Reply

    @XCritonX What a stupid comment.

  22. XCritonX
    | Reply

    @CenturianRule Its not a comment, its a question. This is a comment. “I bet your part of that 90%”

  23. CenturianRule
    | Reply

    @XCritonX The proper spelling is “you’re” a contraction for “you are”, as in “XCriton, you’re even dumber than I originally believed.”

  24. XCritonX
    | Reply

    @CenturianRule So I can out you as a grammar Nazi AND a fatty?
    When people change the conversation to grammar I know they have nothing intelligent to say.

    (BTW: Usually my secretary checks my writing before I send it out. On YT I am on my own.)

  25. aquariosmaster
    | Reply

    I had a blue merle collie. Her name was Snow Fly.

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