The Right Companion: Belgian Sheepdog

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description Finally, all of our favorite dogs – on one DVD! This indispensable “visual guidebook” is not just for prospective dog owners, but for dog lovers in general.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. joelombrdo
    | Reply

    what beautiful dogs! I especially love the tervuren. Nice commentary by the lady–very informative. Thank you for posting.

  2. dragonkelv
    | Reply

    i got one xD he turns 13 this year

  3. VictorWarlock
    | Reply

    My swiss shepard named Luma /watch?v=dxhEdD2EXJA!!!!
    4 months old =D

  4. Gidg1998
    | Reply

    mines turning nine this year

  5. pyramyde1
    | Reply

    @Thecomedyjudge belgiun not french

  6. RealspitHiphop604
    | Reply

    i really like this breed, the hair is just a bit too long for me

  7. LacosteBoy1
    | Reply

    common.. whats the problem about her english.. just cuz she pronounced somehting wrong.. eople are attacking hr…

    her english is great.. trust me.. alot of poeple would speak english like her

  8. HenkJanPit
    | Reply

    @RealspitHiphop604 If you like the breed, but want a dog with a little bit less hair, you could look for a mixed-breed of the various types of Belgian Sheepdogs. We’ve got a mix of Groenendael and Malinois, she is basically a black Groenendael with short(er) hair.

  9. RealspitHiphop604
    | Reply

    @HenkJanPit wow that must be a great looking dog!

  10. TheSevvie
    | Reply

    @Inmate527 Usually when people refer to a general animal as an “it” as in this case, it is to keep from using gender specifics. Dogs aren’t just Male or just Female. Obviously it can be either. Thus: it. Take a chill pill.

  11. Tyrannocaster
    | Reply

    The French are taught that English people say “it” when referring to animals; blame their school system, not the woman. As an owner of two Tervs I think this is a good description of the Belgians. Cela fait du bien; quels chiens! Et merci d’avoir fait et montré le clip.

  12. askel89
    | Reply

    I have one and I have to say best breed ever for me. We are compatible with my dog. She’s clever for sure! she’s loyal but you must deserve it with the belgians! But allways asking for attention, work… She’d really like to come with me everywere and she behaves anywere…

  13. metalrat60001
    | Reply

    I had a Belgian Sheedog. Great dog. Smartest dog I’ve ever seen. She had all the good qualities anyone couild ask for. She understood alot of words.

  14. jephybean
    | Reply

    It is used an interchangeable pronoun to not gender specify. It sure beats saying “he or she” every time you refer to an entity without referring to that entity by name. So, I concur with the inmate527 🙂

  15. mebeme00
    | Reply

    are belgian shepherds dangerous or agresive? i’m about to get one but im afraid it’ll be to agressive

  16. ecosby100
    | Reply

    @mebeme00 dont buy one if you plan on having kids after because they may not get yous to them and they also have long hair that kids love to pull and if the dog did not know the kid that well its going to bite but if the dog was raised with kids they are loyal aseptically the Groenendael. they are great guard dogs and will protect you like no other. and my Groenendael is so smart i swear that he understands ever word i say. A Belgium tavern is ok but a Groenendael is smarter and even more loyal

  17. dweezil013
    | Reply

    @mebeme00 mine is an amazing dog, i can’t ever imagine having another breed. i happened to rescue him from an animal shelter w/o knowing what a great animal i had stumbled upon. he’s my nonsexual lifepartner

  18. syssang4
    | Reply

    Really people? Your’e giving grief over the pronoun she used? Those who are concerned over that need to get a life or go back to school. She can’t use he or she because she isn’t talking about one specific dog. Obviously she can’t say she because they are not all female, likewise she can’t say he. “It” is gender neutral. So now that I have schooled you, no more comments on pronoun usage!

  19. ansionnachcliste
    | Reply

    My dog Dubh (Irish for “Black”) is a crossbreed. We were walking him in a park one day and some man said that he looks liked a Belgian Shepherd. We’re now thinking that he may be crossed with some sort of spaniel, as he’s got spaniel-like ears and not as a pointy face as a Belgian Shepherd.
    He’s really handsome looking. I’ve never seen a Belgian Shepherd before so it was intresting when the man told me this.
    Lovely looking dogs, amazing coats on them too.

  20. AboveControl
    | Reply

    I have a malinois named Carmen and she is very gentle but amazing guard dog.

  21. obeyance
    | Reply

    @ansionnachcliste I hope you didnt pay full price for one if its mixed. $1400 for a mixed Belgian Sheepdog. Though, if you bought for $700 that would be ok. Half breeds are worth half price, at least this is what im told. My mom has an AKC Belgian and it locked with my ChowChow/Timberwolf female… Beautiful puppies, but only got 2.

  22. ansionnachcliste
    | Reply

    @obeyance Oh no, he was a rescued from a shelter :). thanks for the reply.

  23. edalelasson
    | Reply

    I was in tears last evening . . . I went to my car after finishing a night shift to surprisingly be saying “Hi” from the vehicle next to me!! It was a gorgeous white Belgian, immaculate shape and incredibly friendly. At first I thought it was a snow rough, but once I got a good look at her muzzle, you could tell it was not a collie, but a Belgian. Beautiful, graceful angel . . .

  24. michelmees
    | Reply

    It’s not from a French speaking part of Belgium, it’s from the Flemish part: Malinois = Mechelen in Flemish greetings

  25. mastifflove710
    | Reply

    @Thecomedyjudge beljian, I think thats spelled wrong 😛

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