The Proper Way Of Leash Training Your Puppy

The Proper Way Of Leash Training Your Puppy

By Melanie Bosano

Leash training should not be any problem at all. You can start by playing a simple follow-the-leader game the very first day that your puppy is home. Follow him around and tell him what a good puppy he is. As soon as he is comfortable with this little game, reverse it by getting him to follow you for a while. Call to him, teaching him his name at the same time. Do what you can to get his attention such as whistling, clapping, and praising. You may also bend down and extend your arms to get him to come to you.

In about one week, your puppy will follow you just about everywhere you go. This is the time to add a light leash. A show lead is a good, reasonable priced starter collar and leash combination for fast growing puppies. Put the leash on him and follow him wherever he goes while keeping the leash loose. If you are taking him outside from day one, begin with the leash on every time you take him outside and play the follow-the-leader game off leash inside the house.

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