The Pet Related Link Leak Project

The Link Leak Project

First it started with Easton Ellsworth and his new blogging holiday, to be celebrated every month now … then Liz Strauss recognized a good thing and has been actively promoting this great idea .. and of course, then there’s Mike Sigers seemed to rework the thought by inventing something new and calling it his own .. the “Link Leak Virus” …

Link Leak Virus .. Yes. It’s a good idea.

I have decided to contribute, in some way – although slightly changing the rules, but hopefully obtaining the same results.

I am currently following 966 active RSS feeds in my Bloglines online news reader, and while these feeds are sorted into many many sorted folders and topics – I thought I would post similar and pet related “link leaks” to you all here, at – [The Blog]. I hope you are reading this through your own preferred RSS feed reader, but if you have come via bookmark or search engine, I invite you to click on the RSS feed icon at the top right in our sidebar, and add our feed. If you use bloglines, you can just click the bloglines graphic. If you use other readers, there are other choices down the sidebar.

Here are some great Pet Related Sites that if you haven’t bookmarked or added their RSS Feeds to your feed reader .. You should!

About Cats – from Fanny Syufy – Your Guide to Cats

About Dogs – from Krista Mifflin – Your Guide to Dogs

Animal Help – Inspired By Katrina

Animal of the Day – Find out before they die out – News and Information

A Smiling Dog Blog

Bark ‘N’ Blog .. nuttin’ but the dog in me

Blogging Pet – Petcare Redefined

Catlines Blog

Dog Whisperer

Doggie – News Your Dog Would Want To Know About

Embrace Pet Insurance Blog

Entirely Pets

Eric’s Dog Blog

flickRdogs – Showcasing exceptional & unique Flickr! photos of the canine persuasion –> all dogs, all the time…

For Love Of Your Pets

4 Our Pets

Four Legged Links

Freddie’s Blog: Ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff!

Horse Blog – News and info for racing horses, work horses, and riding for fun

My Fire Hydrant

9rules Animal Communities – The Animal Community – [The Blog] – And pictures of My Maxxie, Sophie and Zeussie! 😀

Pet Channel – Pet owners share info and advice on pets. Dogs, cats and other pets

Pet Industry Weekly

Pet-Pet * pet product blog

Pooch Master

Sidy Boy Message Board – For The Love of the Breeds

Stuff About My Dogs

Stuff On My Cat

The Infinite Cat Project

You Are A Dog


1) This is not my definitive “Pet Related Feeds” list … When I visit these blogs, I tend to spend time surfing their sidebar and blogrolls and links that they like to read. I would be adding many more RSS feeds to my bloglines, if I were to add all the new sites I find .. but, believe it or not – I am trying to REDUCE this number of feeds in my bloglines.

2) The above are only blogs .. Don’t think that a non-blog is not worthy of getting your attention, because there are many fine forums, and websites and other informational pet related sites out there, including humane society, pet rescue and shelter sites and well, just some sites about people’s own pets .. and other Earthlings – who love animals

Challenge to other Pet Related Blogs Reading This

The only way to “cure” yourself from the Link Leak Virus .. is to post a list of blogs that you are reading! Maybe between all of us, we can create some massive and huge Pet Related Link site with everybody’s links .. for the benefit of the readers.

HART (1-800-HART)

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5 Responses

  1. Mike
    | Reply

    Hi HART,

    Thanks for using the term, even if it’s in a wee bit different way, I appreciate you linking to me under the proper anchor text.

    I used the term “link leak” the same day Easton used “blog tipping”, but I actually started link leak posts with out pointing it out, 9 days before, on April 17th, with a call out to all the link hoarding SOB’s out there to let some go.

    I’m not worried about credit, as Easton’s a great guy, just don’t want people to think I only got the bug from somebody else.

    I was infected before that day.

    BTW – since you love animals so much, I’ll point you to another of our 13 blogs, this one done by my wife and about cats :

  2. HART
    | Reply

    Thanks Mike .. I made that link “linkable” now.

    If anybody else wants to pass along more pet related links in these comments, I will gather them up and do another ‘Link Leak’ post 😀

  3. Easton Ellsworth
    | Reply

    HART, glad to see you catchin’ the bug – I just hope it doesn’t spread to any furry friends you may have!

    Mike’s absolutely right – I don’t want credit for anything other than spelling out the word “blogtipping” and putting a picture of a cow next to it :). But I think something wonderful happened the day I first started spreading the idea of complimenting and lightly critiquing other bloggers’ efforts – because shortly after I put up my blogtipping post, I came across a post by Mike about “link leak.” Then Liz Strauss and Martin Neumann came along – well, really, I think no one cares much who was first – but the point is that there’s a growing group now that wants to do something to encourage many more bloggers to not only improve the quality of their posts, design, etc., but also to increase their generosity in sharing what they like and know about related blogs. You appear to already get that concept beautifully.

    We’ll watch this healthy meme – or pair of memes, if one prefers it that way, although I think the objective is pretty much the same – grow over time. And I’m excited for June 1st, the next big Blogtipping Day!

  4. HART
    | Reply

    Hi Easton! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

    I am with you guys on this venture .. I also duplicated what I did over here on my other blog

    I like the idea. Instead of people crying for link banks that might be page rank related or ‘niche’ related .. why not just give your readers links to other great sites that are out there? If I like reading them .. maybe some of you out there might like reading them too!

    And, if my readers like the links that I am providing, they might stick around and watch me in their Bloglines or other readers and watch for new sites occassionally (besides the content). Not to mention, what I like best . is that a simple link to some great sites out there, like yours – will attract YOUR attention and your curiousity might make you visit me .. (like you did).

    Yep. I like the link leaking concept … I’m looking forward to June 1st to do some BLOGTIPPING …

  5. Hoosier Dog
    | Reply

    Just wanted to say I am excited to see some new blogs!

    Hoosier Dog

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