The Overweight Dog – Mans Best Friend May be More Like Their Owners Than You Might Think

The Overweight Dog – Man’s Best Friend May be More Like Their Owners Than You Might Think

By Randy Jones and Brent Jones

Obesity is one of the major health hazards and life shorteners of pet dogs. Its causes and effects are the same as with humans, and so is the cure. The majority of cases are due to excess calories, and not enough exercise, rather than a disorder. Dogs overeat for the same reasons we do, and more often because of boredom than hunger. When a dog is given little mental and physical activity, mealtime becomes the high point of his day.

Like humans, the dog may transfer his craving for affection into compulsive gluttony. A healthy dog who leads a well-balanced life, complete with affection and companionship is s seldom overweight. Some breeds are prone to overeating due to their keen sense of smell, or from being over fed because they are inside dogs. Puppies gain pounds rapidly during their growth period, but once an adult dog has reached his ideal weight, you should try to keep it stable by weighing him at least once a month.

It’s a simple matter to shed a few pounds by putting your dog on a diet for a week or so. By increasing the proportion of vegetables maintaining the normal level of protein, and reducing the fat and starch, the excess weight can be shed fast and safely. But never completely eliminate any of the basic nutritional elements.

Once obesity sets in, the problem is much more difficult and the cure more painful. Until the dog has formed new eating habits, you must resist the temptation to give in and overfeed. Make it up to him by giving him more activity, distraction and affection. If you must give in, you can reward with a dog biscuit, a raw carrot, an apple, or a bone. With time and patience your dog will be slimmer and healthier in no time.

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