The Most Gangsta Pet Ever!

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

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What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. MackPerrault
    | Reply

    Damn it, I lost the game πŸ™

  2. PuaNative
    | Reply

    I Think i must Win this Contest
    cuz i’m Black


  3. RebirthWoWGuild
    | Reply

    I FUCKIN KNEW IT LOL LOVE THAT SAN ANDREAS GAT!!!!! i bet you played that game alot and got the perfect furious character πŸ˜€

  4. alex60581
    | Reply

    i have 3 of these pc versions i dont need

  5. 1337one1
    | Reply

    Why is the rat white?

  6. FatalWhiteHD
    | Reply

    I should win cuz i do your mum

  7. scottfree1974
    | Reply

    I don’t want your game but you are funny. Would be interested in working with you.

  8. alferlu12
    | Reply

    i must win cause i play wow

  9. Redmar555
    | Reply

    aight i want them GTA with them signed pic, G

  10. alexicon89
    | Reply

    Gangsta panda pet

  11. darkhummy
    | Reply

    I win. Because i subscribed. Told my mum. And she subscribed.

  12. BestFreeWow
    | Reply

    I should win because I’m a looser πŸ™

  13. MaxY610
    | Reply

    2:12 funniest part!!

  14. ArrowOfDeath1991
    | Reply

    That pet is imba xD haha

  15. 69QuickSilver91
    | Reply

    f*cking gansgata pet =D
    I had one of those when I was a little kiid xP

  16. lub094
    | Reply

    i didnt get extra pic for my mum :((

  17. ieatnails9989
    | Reply

    i should bcuz im im the best mage in the world right behind furious ofcourse. check my vids fo proof yo

  18. GamingCenter01
    | Reply

    I can get San Andreas from internet for free because it doesnt worth any thing mate!

  19. Scottex212
    | Reply


  20. Shadpulse
    | Reply

    2:04 so fucking funny.

  21. Pyrofreak321
    | Reply

    black people meet commercial….

  22. zapbolt
    | Reply

    lmaaao thats a fat hamster

  23. jsm7977
    | Reply

    this guys a fkn idiot. go eat a pistol YO

  24. scenerarities
    | Reply

    lol this sht is comedy, and its called a guinea pig sucka, not a hampstaaa

  25. antwoordninja
    | Reply

    @jsm7977 AHAHAHAHAHA! you are so funny! “go eat a pistol YO” hahahaahahah so original. you funny guy! so hilariouse! did you come up with this all on your own!?! cuz its soooo funny! i love your opinions because you are sooo freaken funny! ohhhh man im laughing so hard because you are just soooo damn funny!

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