The most funny hilarious Jon Dore Interview

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Visit Dan and Barb pet inventors of the new LitterHouse litter box for cats keeps all the litter in the box make an appearance on the Jon Dore Television Show episode “Jon Needs To Make Quick Cash”. On this funny episode they discuss the many benefits of the product. Saves dogs lives. Coprophagia kitty litter box covers cat litter boxes kittens litter boxes kitty litter box covers decorative kitty litter boxes unique litterboxes

What do you think?

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20 Responses

  1. 1992spice
    | Reply

    Great interview made my day where can I buy one and does it work.

  2. kingskippy424
    | Reply

    dis guy is so underrated

  3. fabsmf8
    | Reply

    Jon Dore is the best thing since Ali Gee / Borat

  4. ilude214
    | Reply

    these guys should go on dragons den with there littlerhouse so they can make fun of them

  5. loosifur
    | Reply

    100 000 000 my ass

  6. TrenchCoatFreak91
    | Reply

    “Are any of the cat houses haunted?” LOL
    I love this guy.

  7. ballinsmahobby
    | Reply

    Hahaha he’s fuckin hilarious

  8. HaIoReachMontages
    | Reply


  9. VidmasterSteveo
    | Reply

    your ripped this off my channel I put a watermark ion all my video’s…..

  10. Toro953
    | Reply

    at the end he says “a cat that shits in houses, oh my god what a stupid idea” but this video cuts him off

  11. geegee1848
    | Reply

    “the important thing is I’m talking..”

  12. TheSlackerebel
    | Reply

    I remember watching his show on IFC, do they still air it?

  13. gangrelated420
    | Reply

    @TheSlackerebel sunday nights on comedy contral, sorry no clue about IFC tho

  14. deco101
    | Reply

    LMFAOOO who do u ask the lord???

  15. KyleJS30
    | Reply

    @VidmasterSteveo hahahahah

  16. n00bsch001bus
    | Reply

    may i call you db ? yes … i dont want to

  17. MrToiletclogger
    | Reply

    possibly….. No absolutely

  18. pedinoway2
    | Reply

    @loosifur some people live in their dreams

  19. MotionXfatigue
    | Reply

    2:20 – 2:28 FUNNIEST SHIT EVER!!

  20. kylesteinhauser
    | Reply

    the litter HOSE

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