The funniest dog video ever

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

The dog train is coming, led by cycling dog!

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. T1nn3r
    | Reply

    this isnt animal cruelty..
    dogs like to learn and be trained.. =) its nice to see that they get so much attention

  2. paulbrooks9
    | Reply

    @BrundukasLT it is not against nature because dogs are trainable, they have the capacity to learn. if it is against nature, then something being against nature is not necessarily bad. for example prosthetic limbs, agriculture, hydroelectric power, etc. what does confuse me is why you would say what you said

  3. BrundukasLT
    | Reply

    @paulbrooks9 hydroelectric power… INDEED!!
    at first u should remember the chernobyl

  4. speedy123321
    | Reply

    :O awesome

  5. dracona1000
    | Reply

    Tão fofos *-*

  6. lorenzin123
    | Reply

    awesome hahahahahaha

  7. MikeAndHazen
    | Reply

    All you can do is hope that in the process of training these dogs to do this, that they were trained in a loving manner. After some of the videos I’ve seen, I have to be healthily skeptical about the way these dogs were trained.

  8. jaquelinecampos
    | Reply


  9. KoeHunter
    | Reply


  10. Ryztor
    | Reply

    @MikeAndHazen exactly

  11. z3video
    | Reply


  12. Akhius
    | Reply

    i hope you take lot of care of them!

  13. branjobu96
    | Reply

    This is wayy better than Rebecca Black.

  14. lukefabre1015
    | Reply


  15. alhayem2009
    | Reply

    wooooooooow it’s realy nice video thanx

  16. toscorn
    | Reply

    breathtaking euaheuheuhueahuheau

  17. azzzeti
    | Reply

    BEST VIDEO ÉVER o____________________O

  18. AarthurxD
    | Reply

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkk ri demais

  19. lhopperstad
    | Reply

    so funny luv it

  20. masondarko
    | Reply

    i bet they’re asian

  21. vootie99
    | Reply

    cute dogs overwhelmed by loud horrible music

  22. 421starwars
    | Reply

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny

  23. 3min3mfreakz
    | Reply

    Funny as hell

  24. ScaryCrow666
    | Reply

    WAAAATHAAHEEEL…Its so fckn funny…


  25. zombies333
    | Reply

    omg LOL

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