The FUNNIEST Dog Video EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Check out the new video!!!! Monkey cleans the house while im at work!! Its a must see, its hilarious!! You will wish you had a dog like this!! The original and best dog on the net!!! Watch, enjoy, smile, comment!! Music track is

What do you think?

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  1. stevehneo says:

    This dog is amazing!! MORE!!!!!!!

  2. Sem1329 says:

    i wished my dogs could clean the house:C

  3. SullivanOlssen says:

    I love your video! Awesome training!

  4. punkchica321 says:

    Your dog is very smart! He looks so excited when he’s doing the tricks too hehe.

  5. rachelrosss says:

    so cute =]

  6. TatachkaBarbieLover says:

    Ever seance I saw your dog,I luved it!The smartest dog in a whole world!FANTASTIC!

  7. This is amazing, ilove it!

  8. withluvAngiexo says:

    That’s a smart dog, even though it was a set-up n_n

  9. MrJoey761 says:

    mwah!! cute fukin bull shit!!!

  10. soccerfreak22aerial1 says:

    Aww haha that was adorable:)

  11. i would love my dog to give me a drink everytime i return from school. what a cute doggie

  12. i LOVE the end part tht was pretty funny and creative

  13. SuperCallie2 says:


  14. JasVarmana says:

    gotta get my dogs doin this!

  15. thecomputernerd444 says:

    I Wish my dog did that for me.

  16. evelene25 says:

    smart dog and so lovely even though she is not beautiful.

  17. TheCindyArcillo says:

    OMG! I love this dog Can i have it?

  18. lol.. @0:51 the lawn mower is being pulled… lol.. cute dog though

  19. joeebear says:

    A friend of mine tried to give me a male Springer Spaniel named Charlie that would sit pretty like your dog does at the end of the video. At that time I didn’t have time for a dog but we have a dog now that sits pretty and gets the paper. See some of my videos of her in action. Thanks

  20. Adollyful says:

    Haha, cute, your dog looks so happy doing chores

  21. CoolFuzzyGrooven says:

    Most of it was set up like the lawn mower was being pulled… : / but great dog!

  22. tacodimples says:

    awww!! so cute!!!

  23. smithry111 says:

    He’s trained to do that and on the lawn mower u can see a rope

  24. humuguru says:

    I wish my dog had that much initiative!

  25. bollard6 says:

    WOW that is pretty awesome man 🙂 look at my dog videos, similar dog!

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