The Funniest Dog Costumes for Halloween – Your Pet News

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description Check out these funny dog and puppy costumes for Halloween. You’ll be cracking up!

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. DarthKaiden
    | Reply

    gayest version of Ghostbusters ever + this video blows

  2. tittiprincipessine
    | Reply

    very funny
    hey guys look my video my little maltese is dressed for halloween happy halloween

  3. florbor007
    | Reply

    yes, that’s true

  4. lajaula1976
    | Reply

    estan chingones los disfraces en especial el de hanibal lecter…

  5. tinyclo
    | Reply

    1:01 is jooookkkkee

  6. 1324boba
    | Reply

    cute and funny


  7. MrMalcolm1998
    | Reply

    That is a cute dog.
    Check out my videos.

  8. EvansSpork
    | Reply

    all these dogs look super pissed

  9. badass5993
    | Reply

    LMFAO!!! 1:26 iz AWESOME

  10. HauntedHouseStudios
    | Reply

    hahahahahaha 0:19 hahahahahaha

  11. black4pienus
    | Reply

    lmao! the happymeal…. wahahahaha

  12. wetfoot10
    | Reply

    these r so funny happpy halloween didnt know there was so many sog costumes

  13. gastoncerda
    | Reply

    1:53 simply amazing/creative. love it

  14. xXDyingDarknessXx
    | Reply

    GAHAHAHAAAA!!! this is hilariousss

  15. pipi1145
    | Reply


  16. bone101ify
    | Reply

    The oompa-loompa dog !!!! LOL!!!

  17. XXXlolitakiller1XXX
    | Reply

    poor dogs:(

  18. OXPuppylover25OX
    | Reply

    1:50 i loved sooo much

  19. sqmbaker80
    | Reply costumes ..cute..please see also my halloween costume videos, just to have more ideas! thank you

  20. shawnalynnachammer
    | Reply

    I’m going to make or find my chorkie puppy a costume to wear for Halloween tonight!
    He’s going to stay home, but he’ll bark at the door every time the doorbell rings or someone knocks! Then when we open the door, the people can see the cute dressed up puppy! Happy Halloween, come to my house for candy!! Heheheh

  21. mets12100
    | Reply

    @shawnalynnachammer cool, i’m 11 years old and i have to go with my mom ugh

  22. payal971
    | Reply

    why poor dogs!

  23. kello123451
    | Reply

    1:19 oh no its Pepe Le Pu!!!!

  24. mjmommy1
    | Reply

    My grandpa e-mailed me the first picture

  25. RubiHeart02
    | Reply

    lol Hannibal is best!

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