The Dog Breed Bible: Descriptions and Photos of Every Breed Recognized by the AKC

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This heavily illustrated directory describes every canine breed recognized by the AKC. It includes recently recognized breeds, such as the Norwegian Buhund, the Pyrenean Shepherd, and the Swedish Vallhund. A succinct description of each dog cites its origins, its physical and temperamental traits, its average life span, all major health concerns, and its special needs, such as training, grooming, exercise, and adaptability to specific environments. A color photo shows an example of each breed in its show pose and an adjoining photo provides a detailed head shot. Written by an expert on dog breeds, this spiral-bound book packs a wealth of information in a manageable size. It will serve as a handy guide for prospective dog purchasers, as well as trainers and breeders. Attractive and easy-to-use charts summarize the ease of care for each breed.

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3 Responses

  1. citywulf
    | Reply

    Poor quality The one good point of this book is that it includes all the AKC breeds (as of the date of publication). However, that doesn’t overcome its flaws. The biggest problem is the pictures – they are small, poor quality, taken at odd angles that cause distortion, and often don’t look much like the supposed breed. I unfortunately have had 2 copies (1 arrived damanged and the seller replaced it rather than refunding, as I requested). The spiral binding on both was stiff and squeaky. The text is standard fare.A better choice, sadly out of print but still available used, is . I also enjoy for its honest presentation of breed traits and multiple gorgeous photos.

  2. Cherubim
    | Reply

    Very useful, concise, basic information Sturdy, spiral bound features one breed per page and covers basic information on origin, temperament, upkeep and health. Each breed is rated from 1 to 5 on energy level, exercise requirements, playfulness, affection level, friendliness toward other pets, friendliness toward strangers, ease of training and grooming requirements. A color photo of the head and side view of each breed is included.

  3. Hello Kitty Ellen
    | Reply

    Great photos and lots of dog breeds covered I like that this book is easy to breeze through. Each dog breed is listed on a separate, glossy page and the book is set up with a spiral binder. It’s better than other dog breed books in being aimed at the consumer who just wants to pick out a breed to buy, not to show. I thought it could go even further in its info about the positives and negatives of each breed as a family pet, for instance, known to bark a lot or being too active for the average suburban household. It briefly touches on these issues. Also, more info on the grooming needs would be good. It says how often to groom but doesn’t explain fully if they mean take it to a groomer or do it yourself, and how much this would cost. Some of the possible diseases that each breed can be susceptible to are listed, but no info is given on the illnesses (fatal? possible cures? how often does it occur?). It does show lots of breeds, so that’s nice.

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