The Coopers: Pet Dog sketch – Goodness Gracious Me – BBC Comedy

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

The Coopers invite their friends over for a competitive chat about pets. Funny video from comedy sketch show Goodness Gracious Me.

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. shaysta92
    | Reply

    hahaha jokesss

  2. iiMaDz
    | Reply

    ahhhhh sarjeeeddddaaa

  3. aassyr1111
    | Reply


  4. hottestheart
    | Reply

    thts not a muff…
    oh tuhadi maa di….

  5. blkmazda3
    | Reply

    omg, gerbils! luv it!

  6. vivekm
    | Reply

    Grabbing Grabbing. Aaaaaiiiiiii knewwwwwwwwwwwwwww thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttt!!!!!!! O tuhadi maa ki. lol.

  7. vivekm
    | Reply

    I dont think thats a good Idea my old Fruiteeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. HeartBreakKid1996
    | Reply

    uhh… no i ran out of toilet paper actually!!! 😀 HAHAHAHAHA LMAO

  9. jahankavaasi
    | Reply

    not familiar with some british jokes, please can anyone explain why this verse was funny @ 3:15 = ”and what about the dog?”

  10. anasrox
    | Reply

    Sarjeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttt … everytime he says it .. man .. hilarious !

  11. 1878EFC2008
    | Reply


    the other guy said “she does all her business (i.e doing a shit) in the garden” (obviously meaning the dog)

    The one who answered was implying that she thought he meant his wife.

  12. devangkabra
    | Reply

    people who disliked this really meant “dis i like”

  13. C4LVIN23
    | Reply


  14. MrAnksh
    | Reply

    dont u want to hold my little pinky lol

  15. ninjastah
    | Reply

    downing downing sitting sitting.. sitting.. sitting downing!

  16. ninjastah
    | Reply

    @jahankavaasi Listen again.. its a kinda twist in whom “SHE” is directed at.. just listen and u will understand!

  17. banger44441
    | Reply

    o twadi margay ——bring this show back asians like me need it!!!!

  18. cerildfsdfp
    | Reply

    Russian ladies online ****

  19. FrowningIke
    | Reply

    @Hashyhash09 Remind me how much you pay for this service.

  20. rindoni
    | Reply

    nina wadia is sexy

  21. nickashine1
    | Reply

    “shovel on the bloody jarbals”

    good fucking god, I can’t stop lauging!

    | Reply

    O twadi

  23. shreyasroxxtheworld
    | Reply

    cooper speaks in a punjabi mix english accent
    which is not wholely indian

  24. adda89
    | Reply

    aaaaaheeeeye don’t think that’s a good idea old fruuuuiiiityyyy

  25. MsAmateurProductions
    | Reply

    “Oh, Twadi margai!”
    “It’s a pet.”
    “IIIIIIII, kneeeeewwww ddaaaattt”
    LOL I love this program!

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