The Common Dog Housetraining Issues

The Common Dog Housetraining Issues

By John Csn

Housetraining a puppy is important for both the puppy and the owner. Problems with housetraining and similar issues are the main reason that dogs are surrendered to shelters. So proper housetraining can literally save its life and make it easier on both of you. It is important to establish proper toilet habits when the puppy is still young. After all, it will be very difficult to break once they are established. In most cases, true housetraining cannot begin until the puppy is 6 months old. Puppies younger than 6 months generally lack the bowel and bladder control that is needed for true housetraining.

The best housetraining program uses the dog’s own instincts to avoid soiling its bed and the places it shouldn’t do its “business”. That’s the basis behind crate training. Crate training is where the dog is confined to its crate in the owner’s absence. Den training is where the dog is confined to a small area in the home. Dogs are naturally clean animals and will try their best not to use the dens as toilets.

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