The Colt Starting, Horse Training and Riding Manual – Complete Training Day 1 Through 2+ Years

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“Discover How To Start Colts, Train Horses and Learn Riding Skills By Following Simple Step-By-Step Goals and Riding Exercises”

Starting with foals days old and training through over two years, here’s a training manual that will help you create a well-mannered colt that is safe, respectful, well-trained and a joy to ride.

Learn how to CORRECTLY start and finish your colt from the halter through saddling and reining.

If you have a foal on the way, one on the ground or have a colt that you need to train, then read carefully…this information will provide you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to correctly and safely train your colt.

One of our biggest concerns with starting a foal or colt is to NOT do something wrong to damage or teach them the wrong way. After all, there’s lots of WRONG ways to training. By doing it wrong one can easily mishandle, hurt, make the colt fearful, put too much weight on them too early, use a bit too early or even make the colt harder to train or even shy. Sad but true, many don’t know what they’re doing and simply make things worse.

Do it wrong and you’ll possibly hurt the colt or create a horse that’s not respectful, wild, out of control or even damage him.

Years of experience by many professional trainers, equestrian programs and horse handlers have developed and proven correct methods to take a foal a few days old to a finished colt that’s safe and enjoyable to ride. You see, you not only need to know WHAT to do but also WHEN and HOW to do it. Get it wrong and you’ll probably be fighting the horse for years (if not damage it).

Do You Have These Concerns?

– Don’t know what to do or when to do it? This manual walks you through the entire time from days old to over two years.

– Afraid of hurting the colt? We tell you exactly at what age you can halter, lead, longe, bridle, saddle, and ride.

– Not sure what order to teach things in? We lay everything out in a complete step-by-step process and teach you each thing you need to do.

– Concerned about how long to work your colt at different ages? We tell you how, how long and why. And we tell you what to look for and then when and how to finish the training sessions.

Using natural horsemanship methods and sound training principles, we not only teach you HOW to do things but also tell you WHY and help you understand things from the colt’s point of view. This understanding of how a colt thinks and learns in invaluable.

Using this manual as a guide, anyone can follow these step-by-step instructions and successfully train their colt to produce a pleasant horse that’s fun to ride and that is easy to control. After all, isn’t that what we ALL desire?

Enjoy The Many Benefits Of Training Your Colt:

– By taking the time to correctly learn and train your own colt, you will be learning valuable skills you can use for years to come with all your horses

– You’ll be building confidence in yourself AND in your colt

– You will look forward to working with and training your colt each day

– You’ll also have the peace of mind knowing you are using correct methods and training principles

– You won’t be fearful of hurting or damaging the colt

– You will progress faster and see results by using a proven step-by-step process

– You will learn the correct way to do groundwork and driving for results

– You will learn the proper way to lead, whoa, reverse, backing, circling and more

– You will learn how to teach and transition through the various gaits

– You learn basic and advanced reining techniques like the sidepass, two-track and more

Simply follow the steps, learn the principles and then go do it.

Any horse owner can use this manual to improve their training. I promise you, it will help you understand how to approach the training from young to old and everything inbetween.

Ready To Get Started?

Good! Simply click the “Add to Cart Button” now.

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Very informative book, with excellent descriptions of the recommended exercises. I will definitely be looking back at this one as I work with my horse.A few things were lacking – photos would have been useful as a guide in some exercises; simple spelling and grammatical errors throughout the book were quite distracting; and a description on what to do if certain cues and exercises don’t work (common errors of the horse and handler) would be very useful as well.

  2. Anonymous
    | Reply

    After reading the other reviews, I thought this book would be a great investment to increase my 10+ years horse ownership/training knowledge and get my new colts started right.While the book does cover basic subjects a colt should learn and there were a few interesting tidbits, overall it is way too simplistic to be called a MANUAL – COMPLETE TRAINING Day 1 Through 2+ Years. This book is not at all suitable for a beginner (to colt breaking) it is way too brief, it took me about 15 mins to read, each topic was addressed in only a few short paragraphs, and there were no photos / diagrams / additional info for reference which would have greatly added to the readers overall comprehension. Additionally, I don’t think this book is suitable for an experienced horse person as it speaks of colts in very basic terms, reads as if your colt will act exactly as is written and is not very insightful into addressing the common issues that can arise. (ie: a horse bucking is addressed in one single sentence as “scold it and hold its head up high”).I think you could easily find more detailed & relevant (to your situation) colt breaking tips on-line for free.

  3. Anonymous
    | Reply

    This book was very informative and very simple. It was difficult putting down, after starting it! I would recommend this book for novice or seasoned horses lover!

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