The Click That Does The Trick

If you think your parrot can’t shoot a basket or bowl a strike, think again! Using the information in The Click That Does the Trick, you’ll be able to train your bird to perform more than 30 entertaining tricks, including shooting a basket, bowling, roller-skating, waving and more. Author and trainer Robin Deutsch guides you through all the steps to train each trick. Her introductory chapters on bird behavior and basic training concepts lay the groundwork for training your bird to perform complex tricks. The Click That Does the Trick features: a complete overview of training and bird behavior, instructions on using the clicker to make training faster and easier, step-by-step instructions on training more than 30 fun tricks, and simple directions for building the props used to perform the tricks.

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3 Responses

  1. Midwest Book Review
    | Reply

    Walks the reader through a step-by-step process with explicit instructions and full-color photographs The Click That Does The Trick is an easy-to-use guide especially for exotic bird owners looking to train their pets to perform a wide variety of tricks, using a clicker as a training tool. From simple tricks such as extending or flapping wings, to more advanced or prop-related tricks such as playing dead in the owner’s hands or ringing a bell, to advanced tricks like riding a scooter or using props to perform imitations of popular sports, The Click That Does The Trick walks the reader through a step-by-step process with explicit instructions and full-color photographs. The Click That Does The Trick emphasizes that exotic birds, from parrots are not fully domesticated animals like modern cats and dogs, and cannot be handled in precisely the same way due to their very strong natural instincts. Training must never force or frighten the bird, should be kept fun, and not all birds are suited to perform all tricks. A final section aids the reader in creating bird-sized props for the more elaborate prop-based tricks. Highly recommended for any bird owner interested in becoming better acquainted with his or her pet through training, and possibly even giving small performances to delight friends and family.

  2. Mavis Metcalf ""
    | Reply

    Have Fun Clicker Training Your Bird Clicker training all sorts of different animals has become very popular over the last few years. There are several books out on clicker training dogs, but The Click That Does The Trick by Robin Deutsch give instructions and ideas for clicker training birds.Robin starts off with the basics – understanding your bird, how birds may interpret the training process and how to use the clicker in training.Robin indicates that the first step is to condition your bird to the clicker. After that you can start training simple tricks. Robin gives several suggestions for tricks and for each one she indicates how easy or complicated it is as well as the size of bird that it will work best for.When first introducing a new trick, Robin tells us that each small step must be rewarded. She stresses that it is very important that every training session ends on a happy note.Some of the tricks require props, so Robin then gives instructions on how to make these props.Time and patience are a requirement whenever you set out to train your bird. If you have the time and patience and want to spend some quality time with your bird, you will find great ideas to help you in this book.

  3. Spoonfulofsugar
    | Reply

    Random and poorly organized I was hoping for step by step training manual, starting with target training and then moving onto harder tricks. This book is just a bunch of random tricks in an easy and hard section with no real rhyme or reason to it. You can get everything in this book for free on the internet and have videos instead of the not so great pictures in the book. The instructions to build props are poor.I read the entire book in about an hour. It’s a very fast read because of the lack of in depth information in it. A waste of money in my opinion.

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