The Battle of The Pet Night Lights

Zeussie Pussy Cat pretty much has full reign of our house. We keep the litter in the basement, mostly because it’s out of the way, but mainly because our dogs are scared to walk down our basement stairs .. you know the ones – the one with the open back?

Well, a few years back we took it upon ourselves to lock Zeus out of our bedroom, because everytime he would pop his head into our bedroom or jump on the bed .. Sophie would think she would have to ‘protect’ us from the Evil Zeussie … (or maybe she thought that Zeus would steal her precious squeeky football toy?) .. and then wake us up with her barky-barky chatter.

Anyway .. my wife starts her day early in the morning, and I work out of my home so .. while I am working hours and hours on end or just watching late night T.V. .. let’s just say there are several hours between the times that my wife nods off to sleep and the time that I will join her and go to sleep for the evening. For this reason, you can’t really close the door to the bedroom, because the dogs are basically nosey protector dogs that if, left alone, they will tend to make ‘enquiries’ and “chatter” everytime I make a noise in the other room and then will wake up my wife!

I usually work late in my office, which is on the 2nd floor across from the bedroom. Before I go to sleep at night, I will often leave at least one light down in the kitchen on .. usually the two-foot flourescent bulb over the sink. This way, if Maxxie or Sophie want a drink of water, or perhaps even a kibble or two .. they can see their food and help themselves!

Likewise, I usually leave the downstairs light on, which is only one light bulb by the way … (and a long-life bulb too) for Zeussie .. so he can see what he’s doing at night and there is less litter mess in the basement.

Oh – I can’t tell you the arguments my wife will have with me over these durn night lights!

* Those dogs can see better in the dark than you can in the light!
* That cat can find a needle in a blackout!
* There’s no reason to leave on the Electricity on for the pets!

Well .. as if I didn’t have ENOUGH items on my “To Do” list already … I’ve added a new entry … Pick up some MOTION SENSOR DETECTOR NIGHT LIGHTS from Canadian Tire ..

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