The 5 Most Important Symptoms That Every Canary Lover Should Know

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By Darren P.D. Walker

It just makes me sick. I get sicker and sicker everyday. Know why?

I’m constantly getting emails–almost on a daily basis–from people wanting to know why their canary died so suddenly. “He was fine yesterday” they say. Or “He was acting just a little funny yesterday and today he’s dead”. It breaks my heart every time.

One of the most important things a canary owner needs to know is what a canary looks like when he’s sick.

Likely these canary owners would have seen the illness a lot sooner had they KNOWN WHAT TO LOOK FOR. Then they might have been able to give the bird what he needed to pull through. Do you know what to look for? ARE YOU SURE?

If not, don’t worry. It’s easy to learn.


Your canary is a master at hiding his illness. After all, as far as he’s concerned, if he looks weak and sickly, he also looks like easy prey.

Now, you know, and I know, that your canary, in his metal powder coated cage, is in no danger of being eaten by a slithery snake or a wily wild cat (unless, of course, you have a Sylvester in your home) but your canary doesn’t know that. So, he hides his illness.

But anyone with a little knowledge can see it. You can see it.

And to make matters worse…

Your canary has a super fast metabolism. And that means that whenever he contracts an illness–of any kind–it will speed through him faster than last nights ice berg lettuce. (NOTE: Don’t feed your canary ice berg lettuce. It can be
very rough on his digestive system.)

With all this in mind, do you think it would be valuable to know what a sick canary looks like? Do you think it be wise to be able to read your birds body language so that you can give him fast treatment before things worsen?

I’ll help you out here. The answer is a resounding YES! I urge you…


There are 5 premiere canary symptoms that every canary owner should know by heart. Many more symptoms exist but these are the some of the MOST common.

The Premiere 5 Symptoms

1. Lack of energy

2. Fluffed up feathers

3. Sitting at bottom of the cage

4. Closed or partially closed eyes

5. Lack of appetite

Now that you know the 5 premiere symptoms let’s quickly discuss each one.

1. Lack of energy.

This is the hands down, fastest way to KNOW if your canary is sick or healthy.

Canaries are high energy birds so when you see a lack of energy you know there is a problem.

2. Fluffed up feathers

This is your canary’s attempt to stay warm. When your canary gets sick he will often feel chilled and naturally will want to retain as much body heat as possible.

3. Sitting at bottom of the cage

Sitting at the bottom of the cage and fluffed up feathers (above) often occur together. Basically, what’s happening is, your canary is feeling ultra tired and super “feverish”.

He doesn’t even want to expend the energy it takes to sit on the perch.

How do you spend your day when you’ve got a high fever and chills? Wrapped up in a blanket on the couch or in bed? Well, sitting at the bottom of the cage with his feathers fluffed up is your canary’s way of staying in bed.

When your canary reaches this point he may be in big trouble.

4. Closed or partially closed eyes

Again, a general sign of listlessness. But this could also mean a respiratory infection, an eye infection, or he might just have something in his eye like a piece of seed hull.

5. Lack of appetite

This is obvious. A sick bird may not eat as much or with some illnesses he may even eat MORE.


Remember, your canary doesn’t want you to know when he’s sick. And when he does get sick, he gets sick FAST.

These 5 symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other important symptoms that every canary lover should know about.

Make a point to read and learn all the other important symptoms that your canary may exhibit. You can treat him or even save his life from deadly canary disease if you catch it early enough.

About the Author: Darren P.D. Walker is the author of “The Canary Lovers Guide To LISTENING To Your Pet Canary Bird–27 Ways of KNOWING When Your Canary is Sick.” To get your FREE boot-camp course on basic canary care visit

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