Teaching your horse to Bow – part 1! Heidi Herriott’s HorseTrix Episode 7

Heidi Herriott’s HorseTrix television series is a step by step trick horse training program to help provide you with instruction to teach your horse some fun…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

8 Responses

  1. Gymnastpeople
    | Reply

    You rack

  2. alayna foster
    | Reply

    Every time i try and get my horse to bow she just kicks her foot half rears
    up or steps back after the half rear what do i do

  3. MoonLight Mystique
    | Reply

    This was an awesome episode. It was great to hear your father speak about
    his past experience training animals. It’s crazy how this ‘natural
    horsemanship’ is blowing up just now ..it’s really been used forever
    -especially in the circus circuit way back then. Dancer is just beautiful
    btw – I would love for you to do an episode teaching the spin tackless/ no
    bridle. I love riding my horse tackless – it’s so liberating for both of
    us. It would be great to learn to spin. thanks again ! 🙂

  4. horsetrixonline
    | Reply

    Hi Hayley, You are going to be disappointed to hear that I will not be
    posting a video on teaching the rear. I have great respect for this trick
    and teaching it. What I will do is a private training session to to teach
    the rear, but that only happens after I have evaluated both the horse and
    owner/rider. The other thing to know is that I only teach a rear when
    finished with other training. Otherwise, it becomes the defense the horse
    uses – very unsafe!

  5. dressage125
    | Reply

    Great commentary by Mr. Herriot; Thanks for sharing!

  6. Abby Floyd
    | Reply

    Was that the first time that French Lace was bowed?

  7. Hayley Ward
    | Reply

    can you PLLLEEEAAASSEEE upload a video of how to teach your horse to

  8. Eleanor Newcombe
    | Reply

    was that fench laces first time? cannot wait to ge going to my pony! we
    have mastered the yes, no and the smile (using your methods..which are
    brill!! and very very affective! so much so my pony picked up a trick a
    session!!) will you/ have you posted a video of you teaching a horse how to
    lie down??

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