Teaching your Hamster to Jump

This is a video on teaching your hamster to do an obstacle course, this is HOW to teach the animal, not showling the hamster doing it, my hamster is not food…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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8 Responses

  1. Luke Keeling
    | Reply

    It isnt rlly how toteach its more like how guide your hamster

  2. tygamer03
    | Reply

    Thanks this really helped

  3. Agrima Sharma
    | Reply

    2:03 yup… He pooped

  4. HotCocoaColors15
    | Reply

    i think thats a gerbal

  5. Gavon Mitchell
    | Reply

    i got that type of hamster i think (chinese dwarf hamster) or russian dwarf cant remember

  6. silvajazmin01
    | Reply

    My hamster jumps

  7. Sallyanne Wilkes
    | Reply

    maybe she doesnt like having food off people because you take it off her?

  8. TheHamsterExpert12
    | Reply

    well, nice try. it IS pretty good video. it would be better if your hamster went though the course easier. but, hey, its not your fault he or she is not food motivated. How about trying to find something that WILL get him/her though the course easier. something other than food, that this hamster WILL like and WILL go though the course afetr.

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