Teaching Your Dog To Sit

Teaching Your Dog To Sit

By Jon Dunkerley

Teaching your dog to sit can be easy and fun for both you and your dog. If you know the natural tendencies of the dog and how they react to certain stimulous, then the process can become even easier:

Remember, your dog wants to please you and this training exercise should be fun for both you and your pooch. Do not get angry at your dog for not knowing the command. You are going to teach it to him/her thus strengthening your bond, as well as your trust factor. Steps to Teaching your dog to sit: Natural Tendency – When your dog’s head goes up, the natural tendency is for the rear end to go down. Best worked on leash:
– Put your dog in a full standing position
– With treat in hand put treat above your dogs nose
– As dog reaches for treat, raise the treat just out of reach
– Your dog’s natural tendency will be to sit, giving him the
ability to reach higher for the treat. To aid the process put other hand on dog’s hind end and gently push down.
– While your dog is in the process of sitting, verbalize sit
– Praise emphatically, and reward the finished act.
– Continue until comprehention

Believe it or not, it is that easy! Remember, keep sessions short as the attention span of your dog is very short compared to your own.

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