Teaching the Cat to use the Cat Flap

I’m trying to teach the bloody cat to use the new catflap, but he’s not having it, do i talk like that?

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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13 Responses

  1. FS E
    | Reply

    )))))))))))))))) i've just installed one – and having absolutely the same scene

  2. forgetful elephant
    | Reply

    Hahaha this cat is acting exactly like my black cat , I installed the Cat door and she refused to use it and pooped all over my mom's persian rug and tried to shred me so any suggestions !!!!!! 😁

  3. Vicky Hill
    | Reply

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  4. Cat_Girl
    | Reply

    My cat is scared of the pet door

  5. uK8cvPAq
    | Reply

    This is going to sound weird but that is the draught proofing like around that particular catflap?

  6. Gerhart Vondrivesabus
    | Reply

    i have the exact same catflap, that thing is one stubborn door. My cats think its rock solid because there is a lot of resistance when they push on it

    | Reply

    I'm literally buckled because this was me exactly 5 minutes ago!

  8. Private Idaho
    | Reply

    George: "Ok, he wants me to go through that little door, so therefore I won't"

  9. TiticatFollies
    | Reply

    The poor man sounds as if he's going to have a stroke!

  10. Michael Brooman
    | Reply

    no, i didnt mean to send that to you….. i commented on a film of some poor bloke
    who, like me is trying to teach the cat to use the catflap……

  11. Michael Brooman
    | Reply

    i feel your pain

  12. tomx63
    | Reply

    you say cat flap. George only sees a cat trap.

  13. OrcasWaling
    | Reply

    I should have got a Dog..

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