Teaching a horse to lunge

Basic instruction to teach your horse to lunge.

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15 Responses

  1. Elyssa Main
    | Reply

    I had to make my own whip out of a stick and a hay string, but it worked and this video saved my life!! I'm 13 and just adopted a mini pony and he has barely ever been on a lead rope but he did fantastic and I knew exactly what to do! I'm going to break this mini a lot easier than I thought??

  2. Brenda Nickolaus
    | Reply

    thank you I have a rescue horse and we are starting on this now. this is so easy to follow.

  3. glorianne papolis
    | Reply

    oh great another video with a whip, really

  4. As PortableSkateSharpening
    | Reply

    Hi Dale, what is the cue to back up on a lunge line?

  5. Kate Mathison
    | Reply

    Hi Dale, Everytime I ask for the whoa the horse stops then dips his nose & comes in towards me with his head low. Should I just reposition him to the outside of the arena again?

  6. Donna Bowman
    | Reply

    Im so glad I cane across your videos…your so helpful with easy to follow instructions…Thank you

  7. Pamela Chace
    | Reply

    Hi Dale,, I just stumbled across your page,, and I love it!!! Nice job you do sir

  8. Pamela Ontiveros
    | Reply

    Excellent video! This is how I learned to lunge my horse. It's amazing how quickly they catch on when you lead them correctly. Thanks!

  9. Bell Wyn
    | Reply

    Great video your very gentle with her. I have a young horse how knows how to lunge, but he on purpose turns in and walks on top of me . I'm not sure what to do any suggestions?

  10. Rubengamertv
    | Reply

    Cool man it's good

  11. Angela Elenbaas
    | Reply

    Very cool and collected a nice display of horse communication!

  12. Nora Ramos
    | Reply

    Your horse looks like a good girl. I know with my horse, and experience with lunging him, that if I were to walk backwards into the center of the round pen the way you do several times, he would come in to me. Aside from that, you have a quiet and calm manner and I liked this video.

  13. Lydz Katherine
    | Reply

    my horse doesnt ever want to back up. I've done all sorts of things like teaching from the ground then using the command in the saddle. Ive taught the command from the ground using the bridle, i've also tried being on him and having someone push him back while i use the command for riding but nothing has worked. Any suggestions?

  14. illinois.equine
    | Reply

    I just got my horse a couple of months ago.. She wont lunge for me but she will for my trainer.. But I got her going once and then when I try to she backs up.. Even free lunging doesn't help.. Any tips Dale?? Thanks!

  15. Katie Hogue
    | Reply

    I recently got the chance to work with a mare who has been saddled, bridled and rode one time. I would like to really work with her in the round pen before I get on her myself. Although I don't think this method will work on this mare. Could you give me any advice of other ways to work her. I want her to be a good horse with good training I just don't know how too. Could you help me out and give me a fee pointers? Thanks very much great video!

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