Teaching a Horse to Lunge for the First Time with Gentle Horse Trainer Missy Wryn

Teaching a Horse to Lunge for the First Time

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Between my horse training videos and my HorseMAREship methodology I not only teach how to train a horse using instinctual body language without force, bits or devices, but I also teach cost savings horse care that can reduce your feed bill and veterinarian costs. It’s a fact that pain and dis-ease affects your horse’s behavior so simply training is often ineffective when there’s an underlying issue to behavior problems. Training the Whole Horse video series addresses the WHOLE horse. When your horse can trust you and is free from pain, your relationship deepens authentically — your dream horse emerges.

Missy is a world renowned #GentleHorseTrainer, #HorseWhisperer, #Clinician and creator of the All-In-One #BitlessBridle.

For more information visit http://MissyWryn.com or call 888-406-7689

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19 Responses

  1. Polina Kameneva
    | Reply

    I love your training techniques! Subscribed. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. My Rockymountain
    | Reply

    Thank you so much! This has helped me so much, ive been trying to find a good technique to lunge my horse, he is 3 years old and has never been lunged, he is a Rockymountain gated horse. I will definetly watch more of your videos! :)

  3. Tori Anna
    | Reply

    I love this training technique

  4. Magic Snow Wolf
    | Reply

    Um… There was no audio for me.

  5. Mc P
    | Reply

    Love your training techniques.

  6. Jessica Freni
    | Reply

    what do i do if my mare is literally dragging and pulling people off their feet when trying to train lunge

  7. Teri-Laine
    | Reply

    this video really helped when lunging my 2.5 year old! thanks :)

  8. Equine. Chocco
    | Reply

    My horse doesn't lunge in a circle he does it in a squore

  9. Riley Spence
    | Reply

    Thank you?

  10. Twisted Equine
    | Reply

    I really just need to say this to clarify things in the horse world. " The horse is very sensitive. He can feel a fly land on him. I know all of you know this because you put fly spray on your horses. They can feel a fly land on them, yet you're tugging on him, pulling on him like he weighs a million pounds. You're not working with what nature gave you and your not working on building a team. You're destroying it." This is a quote I found a long time ago and I live by it especially when training my horses and I must say, You demonstrate working with what nature gave you and creating a team beautifully. I love all of your videos. Keep up the great work! I hope many people can learn what I've learned from you.

  11. Katie Jordan
    | Reply

    I love this video! I love all your videos, really 🙂 I adopted a wild yearling just over a month ago to save her from the slaughter pipeline, and have gotten her to a really great place with leading, backing, catching her, so I am ready to move onto ground work. I'm so glad you have such awesome, gentle yet firm techniques that I feel comfortable using, and speak to a horse's natural thought process. I can't get behind a lot of the harsher trainers, so I am very thankful to have access to your videos for help! I also used them with my 18 year old broodmare who was just started under saddle last year and they've helped tremendously. Thank you!

  12. slcrow82
    | Reply

    I imagine the same principles could apply for a mini, right? We are leasing one who is very affectionate but very stubborn.

  13. Arnold's Artistry
    | Reply

    thank you 🙂 this was helpful! That horse is beautiful

  14. HeyItsPaxton Official
    | Reply

    Whenever I lunge my horse she will luge for a few circles and then stop and look at me. What do I do?

  15. Equine love 55
    | Reply

    Belgium horses are usually really smart

  16. Zac Whitall
    | Reply

    After watching several videos on techniques on how to teach a horse to lunge..this one made the most sense. Thankyou.

  17. Twinkletoesgeorge
    | Reply

    I have had my horse for 2 years and have never been able to lunge him. Yet this method worked perfectly and now he loves being on the lunge. Love your videos and can't wait to learn and teach my horse more from them X

  18. Kaitlyn Richards
    | Reply

    that horse is gorgeous ? This video is great, I've been having a lot of trouble teaching my 13 y/o stb to lunge, will definitely try this method

  19. Anna Maria van Wyk
    | Reply

    I'm training a young percheron gelding and he's very slow and not too amped to move. He keeps following my feet. he's super focused on me and would match my footfalls etc but he would walk a step past me and then as I urge him on he thinks he has to come towards me. Help!

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