Teach your Parrot to say Hello, Whatta you doing, Goodmorning & I Love you! (With 1 hour breaks)

Need to head out for the day but still want to teach your Parrot to talk?

Play them this video and it will train them to say Hello, Whatta you doing, Goodmorning & I Love you! included 1 hour breaks between each word.

Background sounds: https://www.freesound.org/people/reinsamba/sounds/18765/#

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26 Responses

  1. shiv shankar
    | Reply

    it did not work on my parrot 😑

    | Reply

    will they really learn? cuz i have an indian ringneck does it work ?

  3. Krissie
    | Reply

    This is so cool, thank you! πŸ™‚ I work from home but will play this for our rescue birds so they can pick up some new tricks! <3

  4. Vince H
    | Reply

    We have two budgies or parakeets. I have been trying to get the boy to talk for the longest time with no success. I can't wait to try this. Hope it works!

  5. Niki/Sophie Vlog/gaming channel
    | Reply

    does this work for green-cheeked conures?

  6. PsychoticWolf
    | Reply

    Can you make a video to teach my bird to say Pretty Bird?

  7. David Haubrick
    | Reply

    Do men have success teaching a bird to talk or does it make a difference…..

  8. Cockatoo Tamer
    | Reply

    will this work for cockatiel? please answer

  9. ramon van breukelen
    | Reply

    shes making every sound in the vid but not saying the words πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ maybe cos shes dutch lol.

  10. Dooms Bringer
    | Reply

    Battery died.

  11. Alyssa Fourman
    | Reply

    will this work with parakeets?

  12. Donlad Duck Gaming
    | Reply

    My parrot say fΓ—Γ—k and bΓ—Γ—ch and dumb ass and shit idk he say that

  13. Sean Twomey
    | Reply

    does this work

  14. Catitude Liby
    | Reply

    will that work with parakeet?

  15. raashedul islam
    | Reply

    I also know how to teach record hello in a speaker for ten minute if it talk think learning not talk do it for twenty minutes

  16. Joshua Cozzie
    | Reply

    people who have watched this does it work

  17. Cookie Love bird123
    | Reply

    I have two birds there budgies and one is name tom he is a boy and I have a one name momo they love this music and they say hello! You made them say that:D I LOVE YOU

  18. francoGump
    | Reply

    – have you been up all night lisenting hello's?
    – I think I'm blind

  19. Get Roasted
    | Reply


  20. The Plig
    | Reply

    My male bungie is just standing still and listening does it mean any progress?? please reply as soon as you can!!

  21. Die laughing
    | Reply

    My parrot cry

  22. Chris Hannay
    | Reply

    this is neat,thanks for the video,I have a new budgie just 8 weeks and really want him to talk so will play when im not here

  23. Dawna Shengle
    | Reply

    Is there background noise during the 1 hr breaks?

  24. Indraneel Nanoti
    | Reply

    I kept my phone near the parrots and they started coming near to the phone and as I took the phone both started shouting. .

  25. Priya Dcunha
    | Reply

    hi my alexandrine parrot has started whistling but I want him to speak will that whistling affect his speaking… what should I do right not he is flapping his wings and eager to listen to the sounds

  26. Marrionna
    | Reply

    will this work for my parakeet?

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