Teach your ferret to bunny hop

Teach your ferret to bunny hop. This is one of the more difficult tricks to teach and takes time and patience. Keep training sessions short, stop before you or your ferret get tired.

An extra training tip is to sometimes give a large amount of treat to help your ferret to be more motivated to keep trying.

Timing is very important when teaching this, the key is to reward small steps in the right direction, this is known as ‘shaping’ in training.

If you’ve not used a clicker before, there is good information on this on Karen Pryor’s clicker website. On youtube, Kikopup has some good videos explaining the basics of clicker training and Nana the border collie has some good clicker info on her website too.

I find my ferrets really enjoy this, they come running whenever we start a training session and are always more excited during play time after they have trained. If your ferret does not want to do a training session, don’t force them, just try again another time, making it a bit easier if necessary.

Happy training! Please share, subscribe and ask any questions 🙂

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  1. PandaParty says:

    what did you feed your ferret?

  2. Jessica Bunch says:

    This is the cutest trick! thank you for sharing, you are awesome!

  3. Glennis Lauzardo says:

    So cute ?

  4. Shiney glitter girl says:

    so cute positive ferrets! how do you teach them that? sorry for my name my brother named my galaxy tab A Samsung I will switch it

  5. Pablo Avero says:

    You do an excellent job training ferrets. You sound like a professional and understand the ferrets side of the exercise. Excellent job!

  6. Pablo Avero says:

    If you live in a small area ferrets are a perfect fit. If you don't live in a small area ferrets are a perfect fit.

  7. JudyLove Nick says:

    Human food is not allowed

  8. The Strander says:

    do you think this would be a bit easer to teach if they know a jump command

  9. Jessica Jimeno says:

    Im getting a ferret in 4 weeks i cant wait??

  10. Snow Fellets says:

    ummm…….. I thought it was unhealthy for ferrets to eat fish that's what I heard any way……..

  11. Do they smell less then a cat? (Urine/Poo on cat-litter)

  12. OMG! I can't wait to do this with my little fuzz buts :>

  13. Rayna Hilton says:

    This is too cute! Your ferrets are ADORABLE!

  14. Callie Jet says:

    ferrets look like fuzzy bowling pins when they stand up <3

  15. NanaBorderCollie says:

    I love it! 😀 I'll admit, it put a tear in my eye as this was Sebastian's favourite trick. Voxel is such a natural at it.

  16. Frolicking Ferrets says:

    I can't wait to teach Vinnie to do this :)

  17. Game Lover 42 says:

    I luv um whats all ur ferets names 

  18. Game Lover 42 says:


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