Teach Your Dog 3 Tricks in 1 Day! Speak, Shake and…

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45 Responses

  1. Jessica
    | Reply

    my dog (the 3 month old one) knows shake, (Im teching her how to lay down)
    sit, stay (Which, BTW is also AKA leave it) look at me (Only when there;s
    no food i haven’t tried it w/ food yet)

  2. William Schuler
    | Reply

    Hi Zak,
    Using your suggestions, I taught my golden-doodle to shake in about 25
    minutes! Not perfect, but he got it and was sticking his leg off to the
    side. The next day, I used the same pattern (no clicker, no word
    association) and he did better than the night before!! I told my wife
    about it and had her use the same body language and he did it for her! He
    will need some reinforcement using the word “shake” of course, but this is
    amazing. Watching many of your other videos now. Thank you!

  3. Jenna Lee
    | Reply

    my yorkie knows:
    Sit. Paw. Other paw. High five. Other high five. Beg. Two handed high five.
    Balancing on hind legs. Play dead. Down. Rollover. Head down. Go to crate.
    Jump over my legs. Go under my legs. Weave. Figure eights. Circling ariund
    me. Touching the wall. Paws on my arm or table. Pray. Speak. Sneeze. Give
    me the toy. Getting a toy (“go get it!”). And some more^^

  4. Summer Quintana
    | Reply

    My 9 month old Maltipoo puppy, can sit, stay and come, he also knows his
    name. He knows how to “get up” in the car. I would like to teach him how to
    spin and shake. 

  5. Holly Oax
    | Reply

    Hi Zak, my dog is very obedient and listens to the majority of commands we
    give him. He’s also very intelligent, but for some reason I can’t teach him
    to shake. It seems like I’ve tried everything, but he’s not getting it. (he
    will either lay down or sniff at the treat in my hand). Any advice? TY

  6. LorraineVirginie
    | Reply

    My puppy is just 4 months old and I’ve only had him for about 2.5 weeks. So
    far he knows sit and down fairly extensively: sit-from-stand,
    down-from-stand, down-from-sit, sit-from-down. We have also conditioned eye
    contact but not tied a command to it yet, just clicking it for a default.

    I have an older dog who I just adopted so she was ‘trained’ before I got
    her, and not clicker trained. She doesn’t know verbal commands but will
    stand and spin, and roll over, for hand signals. I have tried teaching her
    new commands since I got her but she is very hard to teach, she’s an 11
    year old dachshund. I have taught her sit, and leave it, which took a lot
    of work for her so I’m pretty proud. 🙂 She is generally fairly well
    behaved luckily. 

  7. Candy Craft
    | Reply

    Omg i love this videos!!
    Please please please try to upploade one video per day

  8. TheDreamingPuppy
    | Reply

    Is this normal? I learned to make my dog sit & stay all by myself… But
    then she started lifting her paw up & putting her paw on my hand without
    being trained I don’t understand… It’s weird XD

  9. TranquillShot
    | Reply

    Y u no load video? I NEED THIS!!! D:

  10. nahasch0
    | Reply

    My puppy won’t stop jumping when I am trying to train him. He is only 9
    weeks, is that why? What can I do?

  11. jade badwi
    | Reply

    My dog is 3 months old and it can do sit roll over paw high five jump and
    lie down 

  12. Haddie Harrington
    | Reply

    My 7 week old pup is almost fully potty trained and has learned too sit and
    go Home.

  13. Ram Kumar
    | Reply

    what is that instrument making sound ???????

  14. Best EDM Today (Every Day)
    | Reply

    I taught my puppy how to sit just by snapping my fingers and lay down by
    using hand gestures and also we can say sit or down as well and he doesnt
    do anything different. I love training my dog its so much fun

  15. Griffin Dog
    | Reply

    3, sit, lie down & shake

  16. Bell Gueck
    | Reply

    I have a 10 month old golden retriever puppy and my family doesn’t like to
    reward her with treats or let her eat human food. I don’t know what to do
    because most videos require food to make your dog do a trick. Could you
    please make some videos that reward with maybe just love but that naturally
    make the dog do a trick?thanks!

  17. Who wants cookies
    | Reply

    My dog doesn’t know eny tricks 0

  18. josue muhikira
    | Reply

    my dog can sit, down, army craw, stay, in the cage, go backwards, sniff,
    find it and his a Husky :)

  19. Chubbycheecks Lily
    | Reply

    My dog knows: fetch, shake , sit , stay, down, come, roll, army crawl, play
    dead, high five, your foot on my foot, weave, attack and a lot more! He is
    a 6 month old border collie Heeler mix! 

  20. Lise Lo
    | Reply

    How would you teach your dog to nod their head to say “no” and “yes”?

  21. Sophie Pettett
    | Reply

    My dog sits,gives her paw,high five,down,play dead,crawl,roll
    over,backup,come,stay,leave,find it,beg and she’s a lab

  22. Alex Martinez
    | Reply

    Please call me I need serious help with my dog plz

  23. Ryan Cooper
    | Reply

    Will baloney work as a good treat for a springer spaniel????

  24. SonikBurritos
    | Reply

    My dogs know… sit, “COME GET YOUR FOOD!”, and that’s about it… loool

  25. HEY! MAPPY!
    | Reply

    could you make a video with a Tibetan mastiff because mine is dull

  26. Sarah E
    | Reply

    My dog knows the command sit and I recently taught him lie down but now
    every time I tell him to sit he lays down. How do you fix this?

  27. Cam Doee
    | Reply

    Please Lord Help Him Make Videos More Often! 

  28. Ximir Wilson
    | Reply

    My puppie knows how to sit and jump

  29. jo sun
    | Reply

    My dogs know how to pee on the floor 

  30. Fuzzy Dot
    | Reply

    My dog only knows sit… (Work in progress!) XP but he’s good he is a
    shih-tzu and chihuahua 3 month old puppy! :)

  31. MrJotsen
    | Reply

    my cousin has a variation of shake trick where the dog has to guess which
    hand has the treat in it, they need to know shake first

  32. Jane Winston
    | Reply

    we have 3 dogs. they know shake, high five, lie down, play dead, sit, and i
    would love to teach them roll over, could you help?

  33. jessica blais
    | Reply

    Zak, I just found your videos this morning and I can’t get enough! Thank
    you for all the work you do and breaking down your methods of building a
    connection and learning how to communicate to our dogs!

    I have a 10m old boxer mix puppy named Rowdy. I love him to death, but I’ve
    encountered a few issues with him, mostly due to his hyperactive nature,
    that can make training difficult. And his behavior is often erratic when
    his environment changes(someone walks through the door, he spits an animal
    on our walks or park visits etc) He’s absolutely fantastic when I’m able to
    get his attention; but that is usually very short lived. I’ve already
    started implementing a few of your techniques and I hope to find something
    that helps me to more effectively communicate with Rowdy! And help nurture
    him to be the best dog he can be. I can’t wait till I can trust him in the
    house with out having to worry about a huge mess and replacing things he
    got a hold of. (I’m sure my roommate can’t wait either!)

  34. dylan the beast
    | Reply

    Zak what can I do when you have a hyper staff who won’t calm down

  35. Sims Lover
    | Reply


  36. stephanie dilbeck
    | Reply

    I have a rescue dog I had fixed but he barks ALL THE TIME AND WE CANT GET
    HIM TO JUST GET A long WITH OUR TWO OTHER DOGS, and we are worried he will
    bite one of my grand kids, HELP PLEASE

    | Reply

    My golden is 4 months old and he knows touch (touch his nose on the palm of
    my hand), sit, down, roll over, shake, high 5, jump high 5, “off” (leave a
    treat alone until I give him the go to eat it), and thats about it. Im
    trying to teach speak but he is very quiet :/

  38. Chill Halvarsson
    | Reply

    Hm, let’s see.. My dog Atlas is an awesome 8 months old japanese spitz and
    he’s a really high-energy dog, so training for me has been a bit slower
    than I would’ve hoped but what can I say – high energy dog means getting
    him into a training mood takes some time because the excess energy needs to
    get out first =) That said.. the tricks..Sit, Lie down, Play dead, Stand
    (Hind legs), Look at me, Stay, Nibble, Lick, Paw, High Five, Fetch, Take a
    bow, Search, Hush. I’ve tried “spin” and “roll” but I need to change
    approach there because he won’t “track” the treat as expected.

  39. slun4evka
    | Reply

    Sadie is 11 months old and she knows: 1. give each paw 2. target empty hand
    3. target a stick with nose 4. spin both ways 5. fetch 6. leave it 7. high
    five 8. target my feet with paws (standing in front of me) 9. catch a toy
    and drop it 10. push a ball 11. circle around me and around an object 12.
    bow 13. target chin anywhere 14. wait to retrieve a thrown object 15. go to
    mat 16. press a light switch 17. weave through my legs 18. figure of 8 19.
    play tug on cue 20.walk back away from me 21. put toys away 22. pray 23.
    jump in my arms 24. jump over a raised object 25. stand between my legs and
    walk with me 26. home 27. get in a small object with all 4 paws 28. she
    recognizes the names of 3 toys so far 29. sit 30. down
    I think that’s all but maybe I’m forgetting somthing. She obviously knows
    how to walk on a loose leash, not to guard food and toys and has a good

  40. Gabriel Confucius
    | Reply

    My brindle pitbull/mastiff mix knows
    Sit, stay, laydown, up, jump, catch, speak, paw, other paw, move back, move
    forward? Goto bed, kisses, huggles, flex (she sits and hunches her head
    forward and begins growling) protect “help” (she charges on her leash and
    barks very loudly) bite “Mosh” (her target area is the wrist for protective
    purposes only, she does not bite aside from being told to or playfully
    while wrestling with me), leave it, safe (her keyword that a person is not
    a threat and that she can stop barking, or biting)

    We got her because of our love for pitbulls and because of the stigmatism
    behind them being aggressive dogs,we hoped shed make a good guard dog for
    my wife so shed feel safer at home without me, but ahe is the most passive
    aggressive puppy i have ever seen, she acts tough and will come off as a
    scary dog, but the second she hears safe, or leave it, she begins jumping
    all over you and giving you kisses.

    Things she still needs to learn, her bite needs more work, she kind of just
    chews on you but she does have a nice hold, but lacks the aggression. Also
    her charge needs work. She kind of just gracefully walks up to you.

    But i do not use a clicker, i do use rewards, and our puppy is about a year
    old. We got her when she was 5 months and have been working with her ever
    since. Shes come a long long way.

    also zac if you have any tips on how to get her to focus more during our
    training sessions i would gratly appreciate it. Im going to my local store
    today to get an assortment of treats for her. Because you said dogs like
    something different and new.

  41. Mark Smith
    | Reply

    I have a red nose I taught her how to turn off the light 

  42. manidaa1
    | Reply

    Lol my dog’s name is Paco. I have two dogs and they both know about 3 or 4

  43. Jaime Ramirez
    | Reply

    1 sniff the other dog butt

  44. JMCarpenter08
    | Reply

    my puppy does sit, lay down, play dead, turn around, beg, sit pretty, jump
    (over my legs) paw, roll over, leave (with a treat on the floor), up (jumps
    up and rests on my arms and high five :-)

  45. Aaron Johnson
    | Reply

    My dog does nothing but I am teaching it to play dead

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