Teach your cat to walk on a leash tutorial

This video wasnt scripted at all I did it on the fly because the weather was just right. I explain how I trained my cat to walk on a leash. Since it wasnt sc…

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34 Responses

  1. Rivka45
    | Reply

    This is really awesome. I wish more cat owners were as patient and as
    understanding as you. Great job! I’m going to try this out with my cats as

  2. colosamson
    | Reply

    cool and cute :)

  3. Cleocatastic
    | Reply

    Awww….this video made me smile. John Junior is a lucky kitty to have you
    🙂 I shall be finding me a walking jacket, and getting my kitty ready for
    walks this summer. Thanks for the vid!

  4. Mely Ferrer
    | Reply

    When a cat bites you slightly (not in an aggressive way) it actually means
    they consider you a part of their family (like they’re kissing you). I read
    this in a cat’s book. :)

  5. farrah pratt
    | Reply


  6. Terri Swank
    | Reply

    This is one of the most informative video’s I have seen on youtube about
    learning how to walk your cat. We have two cats both under the age of 2 and
    they love to go out walking on their “Come with me kitty harness”. AND we
    don’t drag them, if anything they pull us all around. Thank you for making

  7. Carmen Matticks
    | Reply

    I have a question. So I recently tried to walk my cat right off the bat.
    She hated it. Is there a way I can reverse what I accidentally did (because
    I hadn’t researched how to yet)? Is there a different way I should approach
    training her since I might have already scared her? Should I just proceed
    like the video says or take a different route? 

  8. r0man2013
    | Reply


  9. 20knoll
    | Reply

    I read that it’s a good idea to lay the harness near the cat while he/she
    is having a meal or treats or playing with its toys, rather than starting
    with laying it on the cat. The idea is to get the cat used to it as an item
    at least a few days before any attempt to touch them with it. It also
    suggested holding the vest in your hand as you stroke/pet the cat. The item
    becomes associated with pleasant things.

    Nice,helpful video,though.

  10. N. Lin
    | Reply

    hey you have a very beautiful cat, may i know what’s the breed? 🙂 thanks!

  11. AutomotiveVlog
    | Reply

    My cat loves my dog but I don’t trust other peoples dogs. So I make sure
    it’s clear when I walk him and we never go too far.

  12. asia8rosa
    | Reply

    I love this video. It is very informative and straight-forward. Great cat
    praise, by the way! Cat nibblings/gentle biting is an expression of

  13. truvision7
    | Reply

    Can you guide him and like walk around the block at all? I have an obese
    cat and trying to teach him to walk on a leash but hes also a real scaredy
    cat.. (more than most that is).

  14. hinabaj
    | Reply

    Cat whisperer

  15. FBBMyspace
    | Reply

    I was actually the one that TNR’ed him Then I caught him again and he got a
    forever home with me =) He’s been great, really happy cat.

  16. FBBMyspace
    | Reply

    Cool! Hope it goes well =)

  17. Amanda Vienneau
    | Reply

    TOTALLY! Marcacaja is making me one. She is so nice! and has beautiful
    bengals. It was torture finding one in Canada catwheelscanada . com

  18. gadgetgirl111
    | Reply

    are you wearing socks and sandles?!?!? :O

  19. goatstaog
    | Reply

    I do use a leash but work late at night so I can go for walks with my cat
    without the leash and she usually leads and is soooo happy when she gets to
    walk with me. It’s a neat sight. I did it with my other cat that passed
    away too and once on trip across canada I took her to the beach and she
    came into the water with me! She actually swam without fear . It’s all
    about set and setting and calming talk. They both used leash but they never
    do like it much.

  20. FaythWriter
    | Reply

    I’m on day one of leash training my 12 week old kitty. She’s perfectly fine
    wearing the harness around…it doesn’t even irritate her at all. Can’t
    wait until my kitty can actually walk on a leash!

  21. goatstaog
    | Reply

    that’s how my cat also prefers so I just trust nature . I prefer no leash
    because it’s something that gets in the way. But some circumstances it’s a
    good idea to buckle them in. Especially walking in day or around traffic.

  22. shmoolicious
    | Reply

    Have you thought about getting one of those excercise wheels for bangals
    that Jackson Galaxy recommends?

  23. TheBbinca
    | Reply

    Good work! Holding the leash and harness so they can sniff several times
    helped my cat.

  24. Maria Stavrou
    | Reply

    you are brilliant. Awesome 🙂

  25. AsexyJaye
    | Reply

    Thank you for the video, it’s really helpful. I’m going to be moving
    internationally in a couple of years, and I want to bring my 2 year old
    tabby Lionel with me. I adopted him from the pound when he was just a few
    weeks old, and I couldn’t imagine leaving him behind! This will be of great
    help, it’ll be a lot safer for him (and me) to have him leash trained.
    Thank you again! 🙂

  26. Amanda Vienneau
    | Reply

    K seriously my cat would not sit for even five seconds to let me pet it. I
    have a bengal and he is crazy. I have been TRYING so hard to walk him, and
    he will not even stay still to sleep the thing doesn’t even sleep unless i
    put him in his rooom. I am officially exhausted. Help.

  27. SkechyLPS
    | Reply

    My cat didnt want to go in to

  28. FBBMyspace
    | Reply

    I think I’m pretty alright =P I love my cat so much I named him after me =)
    Good luck!

  29. minecraft0218
    | Reply

    I luv his name:)

  30. Sarah Trinx
    | Reply

    my cat is alright walking indoors with a leash and harness on but when I
    bring her outside she just lies down on the pavement and either refuses to
    budge or goes limp so I carry her and her claws dig into my shoulder and
    she acts like really scared…

  31. FBBMyspace
    | Reply

    Did you get your cat yet?

  32. Stephanie had
    | Reply

    i have my cat since he was a baby he doesnt listen to me no matter what i
    do! the only thing he understands is no !:P but i will give it a try i want
    him to go out not sure its going to work he is very suborn and scared of

  33. FBBMyspace
    | Reply

    Thank you =)

  34. EmmaAnime96
    | Reply

    My cat was an outdoor cat and I had a collar on her, But it broke off in a
    fight so I got her a harness and she didn’t mind much at all, So she’s
    already used to that and I’ve decided I’ll take her out every day on a
    leash with the harness for y’know maybe 10 minutes a day just so she gets
    used to not being able to go where she wants too xD I want to get it to the
    point I can take her on short walks and stuff without a problem, But she is
    afraid of dogs…Which may be difficult to rehab

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