Teach your bunny not to pee in bed

I hope this’ll be useful for you, since a lot of you have been asking me how I taught them. 🙂

Video suggestions are always welcome, let me know what you would like to see!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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16 Responses

  1. Nature Rabbit
    | Reply

    Kan jag lära en 5årig Kanin detta?😂❤

  2. Marry Manda
    | Reply

    Where can I get my rabbit 🐇 neutered at?

  3. Anna Manzo
    | Reply

    My bunny learned how to pee/poo in a litter box… and then I bought her the most CUSHY dog pillow/bed and the first thing she did was pee in it!!! She had NO IDEA it was meant for sleeping because it was in the same penned in area where her litter box was! So after giving a little scream when I discovered what had happened, either she got the hint that it wasn't acceptable, or because I took it out and washed it and then put it on the couch where she sits when we watch TV that she figured out it wasn't for peeing. She found that we would pet her; she would take a naps in it with a nice comfy blanket over her…!!!

  4. PetsInAction101
    | Reply

    When are you going to post more videos? I miss them

  5. Bunny buzz
    | Reply

    PLZZZ Make more videos!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Taylor Slone
    | Reply

    I really wish there were more vids there so helpful I have 3 bunnies and I've learned a lot from your channel

  7. tara sotoudeh
    | Reply

    Why don't you post anymore

  8. nimbusmeximus
    | Reply

    Dear is vinegar work on floor too??

  9. Lps Moonlight
    | Reply

    Where r u we I want more videos

  10. Itzela Itzel
    | Reply

    Does the vinegar prevent them from peeing? What's the purpose of it?

  11. Wendie Sweetwood
    | Reply

    I used to let my blind/one-eyed rabbit sleep in my bed every night without having any problems. unless you count the rabbit stealing the pillows every night

  12. Jennifer Karlsson
    | Reply

    Tack så jättemycket för tipsen! Själv har jag två busungar som får vara ute i mitt rum 90% av tiden. Smart med det här att ha toaletten under höbalen. Vart du förresten köpt höbalarna? Dem ser väldigt praktiska ut. Puss o kram från mig, Elton och Tess!

  13. HeyItsKatelynn
    | Reply

    I have two boy bunnies and they are not neutered. They are free roam and they have a litter boc, but they only go in it and eat the hay, then they go and do there business outside of the litterbox… Wtf?

  14. Lam Meimei
    | Reply

    hi, is there any method stopping bunny jump to place that is very high, i am so worry he will fall down someday when i am not keeping an eye on him

  15. madison h
    | Reply

    Please make more videos! I love your channel! I have two 3 month old lion heads. I think your videos are super helpful!

  16. Mimi G
    | Reply

    My bunny sleeps on my bed; never peed

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