Teach Your Bird Biting is Not OK

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15 Responses

  1. omar junks
    | Reply

    You talk to much less the talk and more action please

  2. Mr. Popo GOD
    | Reply

    Why did I even watch this , I don't even have a bird .

  3. Jason Furtado Music
    | Reply

    Hello, very informative videos. Wondering if you might have some guidance for me. I have had a 2 yr old Caique for a few months now. We bonded right away, with him being w/me everywhere, napping in my shirt, playing in my beard, sitting on my shoulder. Now he's been biting quite severly, leaving me bleeding and our routine has now been disrupted as I'm spending less time with him. He comes out of the cage ok, but bites when it's time to go back in. I also used to put him up on the shower rod during my showers, during which time we would whistle and sing together pleasantly, but now when he's on the rod, his eyes dilate and he tries to climb into the shower to attack. He no longer feels comfortable when I'm moving my hands, i.e.. Shampoo, setting the table cloth, cleaning the floor around his cage, fluffing his towel after his shower, during each of those he seems to want to go into attack mode. I know it's difficult to determine exactly what's going on based solely on this message, but I'm hoping maybe you've got something for me.
    Thank you!

  4. tonya farhad
    | Reply

    I have an amazon who is very bonded to me and I can do about anything with her, but if anyone comes near me either a person or my dog or anything sh will bit me very hard to draw blood! she don't do this any other time. is she just jealous? anything I can do to stop this ?? thank you

  5. Mary Gambino
    | Reply

    True or false? A bird on your shoulder may peck your eye?

  6. Dreamy Abaddon
    | Reply

    I'm not sure how my bird bonded with me… I actually never liked her or wanted her because I was a dog and cat person. But somehow, not sure when this started, my bird started to like me and let me pet her, kiss her, and now take showers with her. She would NEVER try to hurt me even when I bother her. And whens she sees me in the living room her behavior changes: She screams in a weird pattern when climbing down, then climbing up doing the same scream pattern to get my attention. I come and grab her and kiss her and that shuts her up lol. What is interesting too me is I had no idea how affectionate birds can be, specially Indian Ringneck. I know NOTHING about taming birds, yet I am the only one she would NEVER bite or hurt. Gosh I love that bird now. =)

  7. J Karp
    | Reply

    Fantastic video, I've taken a lot from it and am implementing your first technique with my new Alexandrine. Some rude people here have commented negatively on how you say "hurted". Your English is incredible and your content is also of a very high calibre, sometimes if people don't let you know when you're misusing or mispronouncing words or phrases it is hard to learn. The correct word to use instead of "hurted" is "hurt" e.g. The bird bite hurt and the it hurt when he bit me. "hurted" isn't really a word in English. Fantastic work mate, I hope my comment hasn't been mean it just frustrates me when arrogant people comment on a minuscule error in people's speech that can be easily corrected. Thanks again!

  8. Kimmy Sue
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for your tutorials… we are first time African grey owners and your knowledge you've shared has helped tremendously in understanding this amazing and intelligent breed. Our grey we adopted at the beginning of this January 2018. He is said to be a male and may be approx. 30yrs old wild caught. He seems to be adapting to our household quite well. We have used your suggestions on foraging toys, he spends much of his day out of his cage among other things you've discussed with very good outcomes so far. The issue I'm currently dealing with tho is Our greys cage aggressiveness. When I am trying to attach his foraging toys to the inside of his cage or hang up his kabob he fluffs up, gets pinning and will try to bite me. This morning he quickly climbed down from the cage top perch and tried to fly out at me a bite me while I was adjusting his forager inside his cage. I've tryed your suggestion of moving his cage around to different areas of the house which didn't seem to make much difference. I'm guessing the easiest solution would be to take him to his table top perch while arranging his food ? This way it would prevent a confrontation?
    I would be grateful for any suggestions! Thanks!

  9. Figum Mariana
    | Reply

    At first (when I read the thumbnail) I was like what? How else are you suppose to pervent biting? (I thought is said that teaching a bird not bite, is not ok.)

  10. ggottube
    | Reply

    How old is the bird in this video?

  11. Loveyourparrot Education
    | Reply

    Great Video! Love Smokey, what a beauty.

  12. b a c o n h e r e e
    | Reply


  13. Riv Racost
    | Reply

    she is so cute! Smokey is so sweet 🙂

  14. BestAngel12
    | Reply

    My bird let's me hand feed him and is comfortable with me but when I put my finger out for him to step up he always bites me.

    | Reply

    thanks so much! my parrot does not bite any more

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