Teach you bird to fly to you

Teach ur bird to fly to u with 2 steps …train ur birds to fly to u as its a good excersise for ur birds and is really healthy.

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42 Responses

  1. shadowboybass
    | Reply

    Is a girl nob!!!

  2. Georgia's Birdz
    | Reply

    Oh god. For one this is plain simple fake the bird does not fly to the
    position in the first go. For two this point is not directed on the fact
    this tutorial is fake it is on forcing the bird to fly, when you do that
    you can actually cause your bird to have heart attacks,depression and most
    common to be afraid to fly.

  3. BarknoorZ
    | Reply

    Subscribed, hehe, cockatiels can embarrass you sometimes in videos!

  4. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    Our cockatiels love honey millet and parcley which we use as treats. Both
    are healthy , nutritious and they find them incredibly tasty !. thanks for
    the suggestion

  5. cj umberger
    | Reply

    im sure that you try to kep your birds on a healthy diet, but might i
    suggest using peanut butter crunch for a treat. you can use one piece up to
    about 10 times because they only bite off a little at a time. its probably
    not the healthiest for them, but my cockatiel Ernicio goes nuts for them

  6. Cartmania
    | Reply

    Im new to birds does this bird have its wings clipped or not

  7. Morten Fønsskov
    | Reply

    I still disagree, as you make the bird go out of balance, rather than
    letting the bird walk up by itself and luring him with a treat = positive,
    rather than a negative thing being pushed on the chest, to go out of
    balance and then step up.

  8. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    Of crs we never meant to push it. By saying pushing gently on the chest we
    mean taking in consideration that your bird/parrot is already used to your
    presence and motion.Holding a treat is a great method if the bird is used
    to your hands only. Other wise it will be very difficult to make it step up
    and the bird might be startled and jump or fly instantly away which will
    lead to the trainer to progress backwards rather than progressing and that
    is why time, patience,diligence and repetition works

  9. Morten Fønsskov
    | Reply

    I dislike this method. A parrot does not like to be pushed to step up.. you
    make it go out of balance and force it up on your finger. A parrot should
    always WANT to step up, and not forced. you will end up having a better
    parrot then. Hold a treat on 1 hand and make it want to step up, in the
    long run, this will make a better parrot 🙂

  10. beachballsonic
    | Reply

    My parakeet seems to not becoming tame for quite some time, quite a lot of
    months, he wont let me get anywhere near his belly. Also he bites

  11. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    You need patience , effort, daily training and efficiency. Place them on a
    stand ,.press gently on the chest and say the command step up when you bird
    steps up , reward and repeat the whole procedure continuously around 10-20
    times a day and you will undoubtly succeed;

  12. Dean Maguire
    | Reply

    Ur wierd

  13. Marlene RAMOS
    | Reply

    I tried

  14. Christie BlueCrystal
    | Reply

    Ur finger 0.0

  15. Waterbirdab
    | Reply

    You are very helpful!

  16. kira x
    | Reply

    6.25 زبادي طازج lol

  17. Amir bagher
    | Reply


  18. Amir bagher
    | Reply


  19. Aravind Nair
    | Reply


  20. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    Checkout our new video on teaching ur bird to fly to ur hand !. kindly
    subscribe, like

  21. ragedragon1234
    | Reply

    “ok i think thats a yes” LOL

  22. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    Hi , checkout the video about :How to teach your bird to fly to you-Easy!”
    Its in my channel and it explains to you exactly how to teach any
    bird/parrot whether wing trimmed/untrimmed how to do it !.-Parrot whisperer

  23. denverbroncos831
    | Reply

    ok I see hes obeying u but I dont know what ur doing with ur fingers I need
    a video to show me more

  24. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    Welcome to bird tameness, checkout our new video on :Teaching your bird to
    fly to you”. There, we explain that it works for both, clipped and
    unclipped and how it works !. —kindly like our facebook page named bird

  25. Mrjbsrockoutstuff
    | Reply

    have you cliped his wings at all or do they need to have all feather to do
    this trick

  26. Nicky Long
    | Reply

    parrotlets are

  27. MrMe3257
    | Reply

    Then help them by posting the correct facts such as cockatiels arnt the
    smallest parrot species

  28. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    Hello that is a cocktiel bird which is the samallest of parrot species. For
    budgies it is even much easire to perform. Feel free to ask qs and kinfly
    SUBSCRIBE . Visit our great page on facebook called bird tameness and like
    it where we answer all qs and help u around …provide
    photos…talks…advices and more. Thx

  29. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    This is bird tameness , kindly stop posting offesnsive useless comments. we
    aim here to help worldwide bird lovers and utilise all birds’ needs through
    taming and training processes. If your uninterested do not watch. But, its
    not very nice of you to comment on each and every video posting useless
    things. Thank u

  30. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    Sure . Its our job . Please subscribe

  31. MrMe3257
    | Reply

    ah fuck off

  32. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    this is a cocktiel and yes u certainly can train a budgie this, in fact
    budgies perform greatly at flying back to perches

  33. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    Thats awesome , we hope our tips help u !

  34. dodo man
    | Reply

    step up cody, step up cody, step up cody, GOOD BOY. like a broken remix

  35. MrMe3257
    | Reply

    budgie is the smallest parrot species?

  36. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    hi, this is bird tameness, we aim to utilise ur needs and thank u for ur
    post why , we dont have anny music posted . what do u recommend us to do

  37. Andrey amoroso
    | Reply

    What kind of bird is that? Can i train an ordinary lovebirds?

  38. Luis Ceron
    | Reply

    hello everyone…AND welcome back

  39. vimlopop
    | Reply

    thanks SO much

  40. Superman199_lol
    | Reply

    Nice am going to train hazel on how to fly I like your Strategy

  41. alejandro rivera
    | Reply

    my grandma have this kind of bird and teached her how to sing and talk

  42. Hassan Hallal
    | Reply


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