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One of my Cape parrots are going to help me demonstrate how to teach a parrot how to hang off your finger like a bat. The goal is to be able to have your parrot hanging off your finger like this, just by his feet. We are going show you how it’s done.

In the beginning, the key to this trick, it’s a very easy trick, the key is to get the bird to be comfortable laying in your hands and hanging off on its back. The first step is to have your bird get comfortable with you putting your hand on its back. You are going to be able to need to roll him back. You’re going to put your hand on his back, like this, and give him a treat and get him used to being grabbed.

Then, we are going to put our hand on his back and roll him back a little bit. We want to make sure he does not get too uncomfortable, so we’re not going to go all at once. Give him a treat for that. I am going to roll him all the way on his back until he can lay in my hand, like this. He is still holding on with his feet, but he is lying in my hand, that’s good.

Keep in mind, folks, the process takes much longer. I’m just demonstrating the steps that you are going to need to go through. It may take a matter of a couple of days or weeks before your bird is comfortable laying in your hand like this.

Good bird. Very good.

I’m just going to keep rolling him back and briefly let go, and then hold him again and give him the treat. The goal is to just progressively have him on his back longer and longer, and go further and further. Invert him and get him comfortable being on his back.

Alright. Good bird.

I’m going to get to the point where I can roll him on his back and let go, and he is going to hang off my finger. Then, finally, when he is used to doing that, I can just roll him backwards and have him just hanging off my finger. Most birds aren’t going to drop their heads all the way like this at first. The way I do it is, I just trick him by holding the treat underneath, and have him pay attention to the treat to have him learn to hang longer.

Maybe even give him that treat, and that’s the way to get him to stretch his head down. Otherwise, most birds are going to curl their head upward while they’re in that position. They’re going keep their heads like that. By showing him the treat underneath, you can get him to bring his head down.

Finally, the very last step to making this a complete trick is you just snap your fingers and have him flip over and hang off your finger, like that.

That’s how you teach a parrot to hang off your finger like a bat.

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23 Responses

  1. Sendii YY
    | Reply

    What type of Parrot is this?

  2. Derek Rubio
    | Reply

    What type of bird is that

  3. chowder
    | Reply

    my bird is a natural at this. sometimes she hangs on one foot.

  4. Cameron Friel
    | Reply

    What do u use as a treat???

  5. Magical Puff
    | Reply

    I have a question is a cockatiel a type of parrot???? becuase ok m thinking of getting a cockatiel

  6. T . Ø . P .
    | Reply

    What sort of parrot is it?
    (sorry for mistakes, I'm not so good at English xD )

    | Reply

    OMG I love the parrot

  8. Axon Animations
    | Reply

    mine does this on her own

  9. Montel Raad
    | Reply


  10. Montel Raad
    | Reply


  11. Montel Raad
    | Reply


  12. Chupi Mouse
    | Reply

    Cool ma bird might bite me

  13. A H U S K Y W O L F
    | Reply

    my yellowface budgie does this on his perch. his name is lemon kiwi,he talks (he says ''kiwi'', "please open the door", and ''what do you think''

  14. Terra Austaus
    | Reply

    My white budgie (out of 80+) hangs on my finger sometimes…xD

  15. Crystal Hernandez
    | Reply

    Wow i thoughf i made this trick up but i didint well i didont have to reach my bird to hang he just did it

  16. My cockatiels life!
    | Reply

    Can I do this with a cockatiel?

  17. Anna Florentis
    | Reply

    What do you use as treats?

  18. Sargent Bacon
    | Reply

    I caught my budgie sleeping like a bat and I tried it he was great.

  19. Adrien Pierce
    | Reply

    do you also do cockatils?
    because i have one and i would like to do some things to impress my friends!

  20. IceyStorm 1844
    | Reply

    Can you do this with cockatiels??

  21. Felix-Marie Badeau
    | Reply

    For those asking "Why would you want your parrot to do that?"… One of the most important parts of having a pet that is this intelligent is to keep them stimulated and play with them. Learning tricks is a great way to play! It's rewarding for you because you get to interact with your pet and it's rewarding for the parrot because they get to do one of their favorite things… Show off! It's the same with dogs. They are great companion animals if we interact and play with them. Frequently this takes the form of performing tricks :0)

  22. Primal Plays
    | Reply

    this is SOOOO helpful thanks!

  23. Colin Johnson
    | Reply

    What kind of bird is Truman?

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